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Top 5 Ways I Have Struggled In My Fight Against Diabetes.


In the “Why All This Talk About Diabetes?” post…  I talked a little bit about my family dynamic and how diabetes is not really discussed. I always wanted my platform to help facilitate these conversations. Today I will flip it and talk about the dark side of diabetes.

So with all the attention that #PorTuFamilia is getting… all I keep hearing is how my friends (and my readers / listeners) are so proud of me because I lost some weight. I get congratulated for making changes in my life and I also get a lot of praise for sharing positive motivational info about my struggle. Nothing beats a picture like this from young Elijah from Minnesota, who has it all figured out at a very young age.

I feel horrible sometimes…because sometimes I do not make the right choices. Sometimes I just don’t.

I mean I do give myself credit… I have made MAJOR strides as far as food choices, what I drink and especially with my portion sizes.

Sometimes… I just slip. I am a busy professional that works a 9-5 job, that for all intents and purposes I will call “The Daily Planet” and at night I connect with two teams that run two very different businesses for me.  I blog, I host a radio show, I consult, teach classes and I still manage to do all the things that come with being a family man. It is an extremely busy lifestyle that can easily lure me into a mid day fast food binge if I am not careful.

Here are the top 5 ways I can have a bad day… & Lose The Fight Against Diabetes.


Not making myself  “the first appointment of my day” – I need to be in the gym… at least 4 days a week. I should be the first appointment of each day.  Joe Olivo from Legacy Strength has stressed this to me… in Miami at Hispanicize, In NYC when I went to set up my training plan at Synergy Fitness in Rockville Centre… even in text messages and twitter direct messages. I have to incorporate this into my fdaily routine other wise I will never overcome the plateau I have hoit from simply eating heallthier. I need to add exercize to the mix.

Not planning my meals – The key to being successful is planning meals and if possible brown bagging it to work already portioned meals. I already know that my trainer Joe Olivo has stressed to me that I need to have 4-6 cups of veggies a day,  I should be only taking in 25-40grams of carbs per meal. If I do not use My Food Advisor (a really cool tool on, I am already losing a battle to have to right choices available. The closest places to eat by my office is Dunkin Donuts and a local pizzeria. I must mention that Pizza is one of my favorite [trigger] foods that I can eat all day… and the worst thing if I am trying to stay healthy.

Not drinking enough water – This is big… water is life. Your body needs water for so many reasons but when you have doiabetes, excess blood sugar, or glucose, in your body draws water from your tissues, making you feel dehydrated. This can really throw off my day and even make my muscles cramp. Even worse… when I get sweet cravings… I will drink a diet soft drink. It doesn’t really affect my blood sugar but I end up hating the fact that I am “drinking my calories” for the day.

Medicine Non-Compliance – This one has not happened a lot, but it has happened. I sometimes do not take my Metformin. From what I hear from my friends in the medical field, non compliance in Latinos when it comes to diabetes (and other ailments) is extremely high. Most times it is just forgetting to do it right after dinner, which is common since I do not always eat dinner at home. In addition… I am supposed to be taking Januvia too… and I made a decision to stop taking it a while back. My Doctor supported this only because I was able to bring down my A1C down to 6.7.  If I keep forgetting I will undo some of the great work I have don over the last two years.

Last but not least… is letting the emotional part of being diabetic get me down and falling into a pattern when ironically not only do you not make the right choices, you mentally shut down and give up for periods of time and eat things that you know you should not eat at all in rebellion against yourself. I promise you, this is the worst state of mind to be in and will cost you dearly as far as your health is concerned. Find a support group, use some of the great tools that the American Diabetes makes available and challenge yourself to attend some local workshops and connect with people that you can share experiences with as well as depend on when you need a shoulder to lean on.

What keeps me going is you… is making sure I can provide a platform in which we support each other and get it all under control. This is why I had no choice but to tell you what a bad day in my life as a diabetic is, I hope that you will continue to look for ways to help yourself overcome the challenges you are having. I have choices to make… and I have to make the right ones if I am gonna kick diabetes ass.

I guess deep down inside I am hoping that telling this truth will have me be a little more accountable to you, especially since I am taking such a public stance against this disease. I also must be honest and let you know that it is ok to have a bad day… it is what you do the next day that really matters.

I must cast a shadow of a leader in order to really make this work… I will keep striving to be that person you can model your behaviors after.


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I would love to see you at this event… with your family, will you join me so together we can be a healthier community?

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Top 5 Ways I Have Struggled In My Fight Against Diabetes.