Published On: Mon, May 17th, 2010

Together we can make a dream come true…


My two week birthday celebration has come to an end…and only 50 weeks left till we start all over again. 

I finally had some time to browse some of my favorite blogs…and today a particular blog post stood out (I remebered it from a Facebook comment that my friend Vanessa Martir made earlier) so I wanted to share with you. Before I give you the link to the blog…I want to ask you a question.

In hindsight, If you were a fan of Cubism and you had the opportunity to have given Picasso his first paint brush….Would you? 


Is it because something will drive you to desire to be a part of something beautiful…that will redefine art.

Is it because deep inside, you would like to be part of his journey to greatness?

On a daily basis we become part of all of those that we touch. We inspire…all the time…in many different ways. If you are someone creative (like me), you are inspired by tales of sacrifice and triumph…especially against great odds.

Today's blog post inspired me to help you do something that will make you feel good…especially if you love literature. 

Today you have the opportunity to help a developing writer attend a conference that may very well shape exactly how they will win their Pulitzer prize one day. 

Help our friend Glendaliz Camacho go to VONA (Voices Of Our Nation).

Imagine the reward of seeing Glendaliz achieve all of her dreams…and know that you were one of the people that believed in her…enough to invest in her journey. 

So you want to know what VONA is? 

Ya te explico...

As the only Multi-genre workshop for writers of color in the nation, we provide developing writers a place where they can explore their craft in an atmosphere of support and understanding, where they can exchange with great writers ideas and inspirations, where they can gain empowerment to move from VONA to a writer's life with authority and confidence.

We want to make VONA available to more voices, pull people in from the margins, in from places where writing workshops aren't an everyday occurrence and give them the experience for a lifetime…

Why not Glendaliz?

Find out how you can help this young lady by reading her story in her words…by clicking here!


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Together we can make a dream come true…