Published On: Fri, Apr 22nd, 2011

Today Is Earth Day… & Eco Rico Does It With Sabor!

(Thanks to Jasmine Williams for putting me on to this 😉

Buen provecho!


The Eco-Rico Story

Giselle_Achecar_wht0025-300x200 Eco-Rico is an eco-lifestyle brand that believes in holistic health for people and planet. Change yourself, change the world. Our Eco-Sexy video tips, cooking show, earth-friendly products and organic, Fair Trade adobos (all-purpose seasonings) teach you how to live a richer eco-life. Our personal success program “Marry Your Passion With Your Purpose” helps you enrich your inner life. After all, happy people don’t want to blow up the planet. They want to save it.

Eco-Rico is the integration of Giselle Achecar’s life-long creative passions for writing, performing, cooking and eating with her soul purpose to inspire and teach others to care for and respect Mother Earth and themselves.

As Giselle likes to say: “I’m just the vessel for the message.”

Giselle knew she was onto something when the first time the words “Eco-Rico” were screamed from her mouth, her whole body tingled. She broke out in a sweat; tears welled in her eyes. She KNEW in her marrow that this concept was the long-awaited marrying of her Passion with her Purpose.

Within seconds of having the Divine Download, Giselle flashed on the first two episodes of Eco-Rico TV. Sixteen days later – almost to the minute (8:31 p.m.), she had written, produced, designed, directed, hosted and shot those two episodes. A miracle.

From there, the concept expanded. Giselle would blend organic, Fair Trade spices for home-made adobos.  She would promote companies and products making everyday items in an earth-friendly way. She would eco-edutain from the stage, not just from the camera, as a motivational speaker.

And then one morning during her meditation, the ground-breaking personal success system “Marry Your Passion With Your Purpose” came to her. Giselle finally understood how Eco-Rico would complete the circle, guiding individuals to not only become more eco-conscious consumers but also to find their missions in life and become happier individuals. Perfect harmony. Change Yourself, Change the World.

Please take advantage of all that Eco-Rico offers. Baby steps lead to big leaps. Love what you do, eat well and laugh. Joy is contagious. Spread it!

Eco-Rico — a holistic, fun eco-lifestyle brand to create a more Eco-Sexy culture!

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Today Is Earth Day… & Eco Rico Does It With Sabor!