Published On: Mon, Apr 3rd, 2017

Thinking about Papa…

Campfire at lake cottage.Thinking about my grandfather and his love for the outdoors… we used to go camping up in Ellenville NY (Catskill Mountains) and then later at Lake George. These were the only vacations we can afford…. driving up to a cabin or a camping ground and roughing it.

I was raised in Brookyn where the only way to cool down was jumping in a stream of water from the fire hydrant.

Long scenic drives, salsa music playing on the 8 track radio.

Lots and lots of grilling (this is where I got my culinary skills), campfires, strolls along the streams, music, game playing and lots of storytelling. Unfortunately, I was never able to do this with my kids and now they are all out of college and living on their own.

But there is a special magic I would like to tap into with my team that works with me at the School of Poetic Arts we started. I would love to take my core team for a writing retreat far away from the distractions of the big city so that we can collectively strategize what the future of the school looks like.

I need to rekindle this part of my life.



Thinking about Papa…