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Things I Want Your PR Firm To Know About Me

First of all HELLO, My name is George Torres!


I have created two versions of this post, understanding how busy you are managing your brands. Read the quick summary… and if it interests keep going. It is a few minutes of well invested time that give you a better idea if we should talk.

Here is the the quick summary

  • I want to work with PR Firms and the brands they represent
  • My Dream Job is to one day work full time at an agency that offers social media services.
  • I am very unique, I have 16 years experience doing what I do & I am passionate about building bridges.
  • There are topics I would love to explore that may match one of your brands.
  • We need time to get to know eachother and see what collaboration looks like.
  • Timing is everything… lets stay in touch and see how are relationship goes.
  • I love my community and they love me back… that influence and trust makes it easy for you to hire me.

If I have piqued your curiosity at all… here is the detailed version… time well invested if you are looking for a long term partnership.


Still with me? Here is the extended version…

I get some very interesting emails from Public Relations firms every day and sometimes I wonder just how much they know about me before they hit the “send” button. I mean, I get it… no too many people understand what an Urban Jibaro is, especially if they are not Latino.

I also know that there is a massive amount of Mami Bloggers out there really working hard (and getting a lot of attention) and sometimes a guy like me who blogs about culture can get lost in the mix. Now I am a dad… but I do not exactly fall in that category either, you see my kids are all grown up and in college, so I am past that phase (although I secretly would have loved to be a Papi Blogger).

The purpose of this post is to give YOU (The PR Professional) a better idea of who I am, so that we can find a way to work together.

The “official summary”

Founded in 1997, Sofrito Media Group is  a multi-media company currently located in Freeport, NY that manages and produces branded projects that appeal to the Latino / Hispanic segment. These projects include web properties, live events, social media campaigns, internet radio production, content development and consulting services.

What I blog about…

I am open to anything that is cultural and has roots in Latino / Hispanic heritage including but not limited to Music, Visual Art, Movies, Spoken Word Poetry, Latino Cuisine and Health (especially things related to Diabetes). I have been “journaling” (aka Blogging) since 1997 and I am one of the original Latino webmasters on the web.

Topics that I have not blogged about too much about but would love to explore more include Travel, Technology, Lifestyle and Cars.

Note: I am also a very big aficionado of Smartphones but at this time I am very limited in what I can say in that realm because of an almost 10 year business relationship with a major wireless carrier that I love working with. They are really leading the way when it comes to what they do… so as much as it sucks not being able to blog about mobile, it would suck more if they were not part of my life.

Aside from actually blogging, I consider myself a community builder. I connect people with the Latino culture utilizing social media and real world networking / entertainment events. I have expanded my platform’s offerings by adding an event management component called Capicu Culture, that creates, develops, manages very unique events for the culturally ecclectic.

Last but not least, about 6 years ago…I revived my passion for having conversations around issues affecting the Latino community that I had as an undergrad at the State University of New York at Old Westbury and created the first live talk radio show on the internet… called Radio Capicu on the Blog Talk Radio platform. On this show, over the years, we have addressed topics that are not talked about on traditional Hispanic media.

So here are a few things I think you should know before you reach out so we can have a great conversation and potentially collaborate.

I am not your average blogger… and often my “social” campaigns extend beyond the digital realm.

I consider myself extremely creative and have great ideas about building community and I am sure to find some valuable ways to make our collaboration an effective one for all involved.

A great example of this was a recent partnership with the American Diabetes Association. I developed the #PorTuFamilia social campaign that engaged 855 influencers to help over 2 million people receive useful user-generated content about Diabetes in just 30 days. The campaign raised the profile of a local NYC event to a national audience and ignited a conversation about health that was way overdue, and it all happened very naturally.

Free stuff is cool but…

I think I can add much more value than a few free samples can buy. I may not be the guy for your campaign but if you look at my twitter and linked in following, you will see that I have developed really strong relationships with many people. This may be very valuable to make sure you find the right people for your project. I have over 20 years experience building great teams.

It also depends on what the free stuff is… and how relevant it is to what I want to do. Perfect example… when my car got totaled, GM was nice enough to let me try some of their newest models like the Chevy Volt and the Hot Wheels Camaro.

Timing is everything…

Do not be afraid to introduce yourself before you have a project, get to know me. I cannot tell you how many times a PR company reaches out to get “traction” on a campaign that is already underway and then asks me to jump in and help them get more visibility. Can I jump in and help out? Sure but I am more likely to do it for someone I consider a “friend” than I would for a stranger.  Timing is really everything, and our time to work will happen in due time and with the right opportunity.

Communication is key…

I love a new challenge so if you share what brands you are working with and some potential projects in your pipeline, I can be an valuable resource to you. Let me know what you need and if I cannot provide it, I am sure to be able to point you in the right direction.  For those agencies that are looking for a secret weapon… some of the most amazing work I have done has been developed under NDA agreements for Fortune 500 brands both through in-house and PR  teams. Total discretion assured.

I love my community…

So do not be surprised if some of my ideas have a win/win in favor of the people who have followed me over the past 16 years. This also means that I would never accept a project that does not fit with who I am or who I speak to on a daily basis.

I say all that to say… I am available for hire…

I have twins in college so I am looking for new opportunities that are mutually beneficial. I am currently available to consult on projects that require a relationship building component that uses social media, especially in the English Speaking Latino segment. Partner with me before the execution phase and together we can create something amazing. I am also available for conferences, panels and other think tank gatherings. All sessions are available in person, tele-conference or via skype.

I am also very curious about working at an agency, I am not actively pursuing but always ready to have a conversation about potential opportunities.

Last but not least , I invite you to join the Social Sofrito list so that I can keep you in the loop about incredible opportunities for you to network, build your brands and participate in community driven social good projects that I have personally curated or from partners I trust.

This is a NYC / Tri-State Event list…with the occasional invite to National conferences like Hispanicize in Miami.

These events may include real life events, conferences, meetups, webinars, podcasts and social media campaigns. In addition, there may be opportunities for us to further combine our strengths and collaborate, this is an open invite to see what it is that Sofrito Media Group is up to. Most importantly… you will get these invites in a timely fashion.

IMPORTANT: This list will never be shared with anyone  (te lo juro) and you will almost certainly not get more than 2 emails a month from me.

I look forward to connecting with you thru this newsletter, feel free to share this invite with anyone you think can benefit from these types of events.  Here is the sign up link!

If you have any questions…

Still interested???

Call me at 516-690-7397 or fill out the form below… let’s have some cafecito and chat.


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Things I Want Your PR Firm To Know About Me