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The Sangre Viva Review by Angel Rodriguez

So last Saturday we had the opportunity to host Sangre Viva: Historias! A Conversation On Latino Literature at Fordham University. Now I can tell you all kinds of things and how amazing it was but I thought I would rather you hear it from someone who attended. We would like to thank Angel Rodriguez (@arodomus) who posted a review of our event on and encourage you to read it and eventually join us in this conversation about Latino literature and entrepreneurship. This years Sangre Viva Conversation is made possible by participatings arts organizations, our presenting sponsor Fordham University’s office of Multicultural Affairs, La (Coming soon!) , Sofrito Media Group , La Casa Azul Bookstore and Latinos in Tech Innovation & Social Media.

Special thanks to our Madrina Maria Aponte (author of Transitions of A Nuyorican Cinderella) for her assistance making this happen.


Check out the article by visting now!


Sangre Viva Arts Alliance Mission Statement

Sangre Viva Arts Alliance is a multicultural cooperation of prominent Latino/a artists and organizations, across multiple fields, dedicated to promoting a grassroots, international vision of Latinidad in the arts. The name itself, is a metaphor which translates as “Living Blood”. We as artists have taken on the responsibility of ensuring that our cultures persist through the sharing of the truths that encompass all that we’ve been and have become.

Latinos, specifically in the United States, are linked together through a mutual experience ~ shared blood, common roots ~ in this grand experiment called America. Our younger Latinos are more often than ever a mix of Latino backgrounds and “races”, several generations removed from the motherland that their parents and grandparents claim. We want to facilitate these conversations about our shared lives with participants and practitioners of arts education to strengthen cultural identity. Somos la sangre, carrying culture throughout the nation for generations.

We’re interested in uniting our family, the artists, writers, poets, musicians, graphic designers, performance and visual artists that we work with consistently to raise awareness, to change statistics, to change lives, to plant seeds of discussion and further progress. We want to put our people on the path of unity, love, progress and success via art and genuine conversation.

The actual organizations that form the Sangre Viva Arts Alliance are made up of representatives from Acentos Poetry FoundationCapicu Poetry & Cultural ShowcaseThe NYC Latina Writer’s GroupHispanic PanicGrito de Poetas, and La Loba Poetry Series. Those houses together make up the collective.

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The Sangre Viva Review by Angel Rodriguez