Published On: Wed, Jan 20th, 2016

The Queen of Queens: Wendy Angulo Joins The Queens Book Festival

12625841_10154577178483146_1504903286_nMeet Wendy Angulo, a New York City Latina raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She rediscovered her love for writing in 2011 launching her company, Wendy Angulo Productions. Wendy Angulo wanted to bring back the arts to her beloved borough, Queens! Her annual sold out show case Canvas of Words has provided distinguished and emerging poets and visual artists a platform to celebrate and promote the arts.

Wendy was recently appointed as the Latino Community Liaison and Communications Coordinator for the first annual Queens Book festival. Wendy will be using this opportunity to hone in on strengthening the relationship between the Latino community and the arts. Wendy Angulo continues to make an inspirational impact in the art community by helping to reshape the way we see, participate, and appreciate the arts.

I was able to snag a few moments, of Queen’s very own Power Woman, to ask her some questions about her defining moments in life, and some advice for women who want to take the leap to pursue their dreams.

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S: You are positively impacting the community, but getting to this point has come with its challenges. What event in your life changed the way you think about your future? 

Wendy: Definitely the loss of my mother at age 27, her passing transformed my life in many ways. As painful as it was, losing my mom gave me a new perspective on life and the importance of legacy. At that moment leaving my mark behind not only for family but for anyone who comes in contact with me became my goal.

S: How do you feel this is a stepping stone in your life advancement?

Wendy: Being named a Latino Community Liaison and Communications Coordinator of the Queens Book Festival is a great opportunity to connect Latino/a Authors with the literary community of Queens as well as the Literary Community itself, it will open the door to numerous opportunities between them, connect them to their readers and on a personal level this will allow me to reinforce the connections I’ve already built throughout my career and build new ones. It is a big responsibility and commitment, but I have worked hard from the beginning of my career and this is my time to show more people what I’m capable of and for my beloved borough of Queens and the Latino community to shine.
S: Women from the Latino community are going to feel empowered learning about your new position in the Queens Literary Festival. What advice would you give to women who feel that being a woman of color, and opportunities are scarce, might impede them from pursuing their goals.

Wendy: My advice to all women is as follows: if you’re denied an opportunity, don’t way for another one, create your own. Build a space for your vision, believe in yourself, give it your all and a little more, persevere, surround yourself with people who share your ambition and are willing to work with you, who are visionaries and innovators; at the end, you will see how those who once doubted you, can’t ignore you and will be knocking at your door asking for an opportunity to work with you. There’s a broad spectrum full of possibilities for anyone who is willing to work and sacrifice for it. Remember that the success in each one of us becomes the inspiration to many other women, aim to be that always, successful.


Sarah Serrano

Emerging Voices Editor


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About The Queens Book Festival


 The inaugural Festival is slated for summer 2016. It will be held on the grounds of a venue that represents an iconic melding of old and new and is known by the entire New York population, especially sports enthusiasts: Citi Field. As New York’s largest borough, Queens is also quickly becoming its hippest, with a world-class art scene and a truly global food culture. Over the past decade, the borough has seen a resurgence of business activity and cultural resurgence. The Queens Book Festival continues and expands on this resurgence and institution collaboration by enhancing the literary platform of Queens, recognizing and celebrating the diversity that makes the borough unique and showcasing the talented artist residents. Don’t miss out on a fantastic event in “The World’s Borough!”

For more information on the Queens Book Festival:

The Queen of Queens: Wendy Angulo Joins The Queens Book Festival