Published On: Sun, Sep 27th, 2009

The Poetry Of Red Clay Woman: Ok I Name Drop…


Reina M. Miranda known in poetic circles as the Red Clay Woman has already started to inspire us with both her work in the visual and performing arts. Her painting "La Taina" is an example of what we have to look forward to from this beautiful Taino woman from Kisqueya…Don't you just love that smile…

Ok I Name Drop…

It was not by Chance that I took this path that was made True to me, The Majestik powers that came in a fashion of visual and
poetry, I didn’t
it to make it my
own, I just fashioned it a little different so everyone would know.
Blaze-A-Page with the knowledge from within, Una Bella Transtorno que salo en una forma de una poema, My Papo Swiggity with every single cell of my Cartel, Just to think that my growth is about to excel,
Taina Del Caribe hecha de la Isla mas Bella de Kiskeya.
Adopted by the
and La Bruja to show off my little Magik trick blessed my ancestors. 

Using the Lemon juice to quench my thirst for the knowledge
that I’m in search of,

To learn from the Bonafide poets who are my instructors and me being their
most eager pupil following the
. The Nard Truth is always there for the taking, Taking notes
from the
that has been
placed before me. Never getting
D-Cross or D-Black from my mission at hand, My Dr.
gives me my prescription
to make sure that I stay in remission of my poetry Jones.

Cutting through like a Flaco
sifting through
this jungle like a hunter, The
Infinate possibilities are endless of the visions coming
from all directions, Do you see my vision? The fusion of my visual and
poetry, this what I consider my unique and special treat. My
Definition to education is really called Poetication a
fusion of poetry and education. Meaning that you’re never too old
to learn something new and unique, So I
to enlighten those
who I come across so they can see my glow that makes my aura shine so
bright. The
living in this
urban city life expressing the days of old in these modern time claiming
that the

As I head North to my Division
that marks the spot
to expose the love and respect to the craft. It is on this
Hybrid that the Rebel
can take flight
high into the sky always looking for that perfect prize. Talking to
to have him shower
me with the Baptism of visual and poetry, Words coming from the
Broken Silence of my soul so I can Charan
these gifts these bestowed
upon me

Therefore I can take it nice and easy
baby do you see I’m that
Chulisi, just to think that my name means exactly what
it exclaims
. Letting those who
I come across que yo soy una
a la pintura y la poema,

que me tiene tan loca. It is this
Hipnotic spell that has me in a trance and has a strong
hold on my soul, As if I was super
Nova about to explode. No es una Mala
pero el premo de
la Luna y Sol, I’m the original
G-Positive to your negative making my Jessie
garden blooms with
the beauty illuminating. So as I
in a place that
I find comfort my
Poet’s Café
is where
I get my schooling, The
Soule’ of my passion that has inspires my Taino Soleil places me in total admiration to my visual and
poetry. It wasn’t
SoSoon that I got here but right on time to express
my vision.

So I can merely say that I am lucky and
blessed to be an artist of both visual and poetry, because it wasn’t
Chance that I took the path that was made True. 

Therefore, I’m paying homage to those
who inspired me and you know who you are. This is my special tribute
to show you all that much love. A home that I can finally call my own
that is absolute,

So I end this with a big


and a shout out to



Reina Miranda Biography:  Reina M. Miranda, is 39 years old and was born in Washington Heights.  Her parents are from Santo Domingo (The Capital) and Santiago. Reina is also a member of The United Confederation of Taino People. She has been painting for over a year in half under her art teacher Aguilar who told her that she had many stories to tell that she could interpret through her painting..  She has been learning about her Taino ancestors as well as learning about what her own purpose in life and about herself.  Reina has done sceneries, caricatures, and illustrations.  Her medium is water color pencils, acrylics and now oil. She will be making sculptures within one month, since her teacher guides her through each step and lets her know when she is ready to advance to the next level.  In her work Reina wishes to tell the stories of her ancestors through the eyes and heart of a woman.  When she sits down to paint she has a bowl of water, a candle, the air around her and the materials required in front of her and she invites all the elders to sit with her and tell their stories.  Sometimes they appear in her dreams and sometimes, she runs into someone and a vision will come to her and she'll ask the person if they would be interested in being a model for one of her paintings.  There is so much more that she can share, but for now Reina hope this will be sufficient

The Poetry Of Red Clay Woman: Ok I Name Drop…