Published On: Sun, Mar 15th, 2009

The Poetry of Gloriam Justiniano: “I EMBRACE…CARAJO”

I embrace everyone that speaks the truth with his heart,
And points out to the world's cruelty,
I raise my glass to those that have suffered,
As I have, the blood shedding story of our "Indios Tainos",
And rage against the pain and loss of a culture,
I reach out to the surface and scream: "I also have a dream!"
For I not only speak for myself,
I speak for those who can't or will not out of fear,
I embrace liberty,
I embrace freedom,
I embrace life as it has been given to me,
I try not to change the world,
Not by myself,
But I dare not to deploy an image,
Created under God.

I even learned to accept the fact,
That once in awhile I got slapped,
I fell and picked myself up,
I fell once again; I picked myself up,
And then got lost,
Out of the picture,
And everyone’s way,
For the truth is that they were my rocks,
They slowed me down,
Punched me,
Pushed me,
Defied me,
Mistreat me,
But I never give up,
Never back down,
Never stopped fighting,
Never stopped raging
I never stop arguing.

I embrace a Black Culture,
Where "madamas" and "mambos" exist,
The white man is a huge vulture,
That wouldn’t learn to live and in harmony coexist,
Stomping like rabid animals over life,
Stomping over the Almighty’s creation,
-so I heard them rhyme…
They thought they had found a recreation,
Forgetting that a black woman, man or child also had a soul,
And preaching these injustices is my goal.

I embrace my heritage!
I am a White woman,
I am an "India Taína",
I am a Black woman,
I am who I am and I am blood of my Ancestors!
I embrace my big ass and tight legs,
I embrace my short height and big mouth!
I embrace my cinnamon skin!
I embrace my sharp eyes!
I embrace my long hair!
I embrace the Centuries of History!
I embrace my own story!

I embrace my "Isla del Encanto",
Not ever to be seen as "La Isla del Espanto",
And the way "que todos los días canto",
My "kumbala-ka-changa y mi sabroso mambo!"
Las peleas de box,
Tito, Oscar y Cotto “El enano.”

I embrace what I am made of,
So bad that every day I hug myself,
“Hug yourself, Love yourself”
My Santos say,
Mientras a mis enemigos hago cantos,
Dueña del camino me han predestinado,
Walk the walk & talk the talk, this I do everyday,
Thinking of my raíces y remedies,
Como hasta el Espíritu se quebranta,
This is why I maintain my Spirituality my own,
After all, Slaves brought traditions with them,
Passing them out to our people,
From Generation to Generation,
Creation to Creation,
And this is some deep meditation.

This is what I love and I would die for,
Never expected to be erased,
This is why my voice is heard for,
Greatness, this vision of life I truly embraced!

by Gloriam Justiniano

The Poetry of Gloriam Justiniano: “I EMBRACE…CARAJO”