Published On: Fri, Mar 20th, 2009

The Poetry of Amanda Velez : Beautiful Music, Mental Stimulation

Me Amanda Velez, a native of Puerto Rico, moved to New York at the age of 9 years old.  Upon her arrival to the states, she dedicated her self to not only learning, but mastering the English language; in the midst of her studies, she discovered her love for poetry.  She has been writing poetry since the age of 12 years old and has developed a number of writing styles.  Amanda is a Student at Fordham University, where she studies psychology.

Gracias Amanda for sharing your voice… – Urban Jibaro


Beautiful Music
You are a melody
running through my mind.
I cannot get myself to
hum another tune.
Your melody attracts
my musical inclination like
no other song I've heard.
Though I have written
down the notes to
this lovely piece
in my mind,
over and over again,
I am still a little
about playing it aloud.
How could I ever know
if you would allow me to?
But I would love to indulge
in playing this piece

over and over and over again.

And I would love to be
the words to your
catchy melody.
I'd be glad to let you play
the keys of my piano,
if only you'd let me bang
on your very steel drum.
We could be a duet.
Harmonious with every inhale.
In absolute sync with every exhale.
And, together,
you and I could make

Beautiful Music.
– Amanda Velez

Are You Open?
Is your mind wide open

and fully aroused?

Are your thoughts in sync

and utterly espoused?

Can I interest you in some Mental Fornication?
Breaking down barriers
with a metaphorical application.
Lyrical liberation with subliminal connotations.
Are You Open?
Come and get high with me…
…Fly with me.
Let your psyche lie by me.
Embrace the joy of Aural Ecstasy,
rather than just oral apostasy,
Are You Open?
Do you feel the flames of desire
burning the edges yet?
Let me spark that flame in your mind.
Ignite you with a flammable rhyme.
Blazing liberation, your own internal inferno…
Burning away all the hesitation,

and years of captivation.
Are you open?
Is your mind accessible and lubricated?

Are you prepared to be mentally penetrated?
Let me give you the test.
Close your eyes…

and feel the warmth of my breath,

massaging your neck,
as my words impale your deepest intellect.
Are you open?
My words are the foreplay
to this beautiful game.
A simple prelude,
before I enter your brain.
Are You Open, yet?
Are your minds natural juices flowing?
Are you ready to have your aura glowing?
Are you ready for the consummation
of true liberation?
Your concentration on our conversation
is all I need as confirmation…

that you're ready for me.

Talk to me.
Share your thoughts with me.
Show me you can meet the qualifications
of making our collaboration an exhilaration.
Build with me.
Let your words be the basis
of your construction.
And put my soul into a flutter
with your Mental Seduction.
Now, tell me…
Are You Open?

  Open – Minded, that is.
– Amanda Velez

The Poetry of Amanda Velez : Beautiful Music, Mental Stimulation