Published On: Sun, Nov 20th, 2016

Emerging Voices: Alex Vega Wants To Break Free

Break Free


I don’t want to tell you the story of my life

Instead the story of the female Hispanic stereotype

Just because I am Latina doesn’t mean I want to stay home and cook you rice & beans


Or have you walk down the street call me “Mami”

In hopes that one of these days I’ll be on top of you screaming “Ay Papi”

I don’t want to be the mother to your six kids

Barely stopping to breathe before I have to pop out another one of your seeds

Maybe I like to clean but don’t assume it’s the only job destined for me

Oh and if you’re a Latina you should have an ass like Ms.Lopez so it’s okay to stare

You’re either a Puerto Rican or a Mexican

But you can’t be both because “we hate each other”


Bochinche engulfs our lives but no I am not the Gossip Queen

Who cares what’s going on in so and so’s life

This novella ends before its Days of Our Lives

Either too emotional or too stern, they call us “Loca”

Our fast talk, too much for you

Can’t understand what I’m trying to say to you

“Oh My God they are so loud”

Did you ever stop to think it was do to so many years of being silenced?

Controlled, deprived, hopeless and all we had was our faith which was so silent


I am a Hispanic Woman, A Latina Woman.

Surrounded by so many strong woman

So many strong women

BlackWomen, Caucasian Women, Asian Women, Middle Eastern Women

We Are Strong.

Crossing the bounds society has placed on us, these lies, these constraints

We Break Free.

With Freedom and self-love it gives us the ability to strive and achieve

Becoming more than the stereotypes that leave too many women broken on freeze


Now men don’t think I forgot about you

The better I am the better I can love thee

So please do not stereotype me

For these are just words, some ideas that needed to…

Break free, Break free…Break Free!


330763_596603739996_1328725637_oAlex Vega Poetry © 2004-2016

Alex Vega, Poet & Photographer

IG & Twitter: @avega360 

Alex Vega is a photographer based in New York City. Born & raised,  spending some of HS & College in Winter Park,FL attending Full Sail University for their Entrepreneurship & Entertainment Business program. Alex loves to travel, see live music and get inspired by others around her. In her spare time she writes poetry and aspires to publish a short compilation. She also enjoys hiking and exploring nature.

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Emerging Voices: Alex Vega Wants To Break Free