Published On: Fri, Apr 2nd, 2010

The Capicu Radio Show Moves To Urban Latino Radio.

There, I have finally said it…On May 1st…we are taking our Radio Show, The first Latino live talk show on the internet to Urban Latino Studios for a limited 12 week engagement. We have decided to temporarily close the home studio and see what we can do to improve the format. We are excited about having a place where we can host our guests and continue to deliver a great talk show with lots of interactivity…and MUSIC.

We are joining a very dynamic family of quality shows like the Bonchinche Bueno show, La Esquina, The Talent Show (with Talentino) and Rebel Radio.

We hope you join us for this 12 week run and support the show so that we can explore the possibility of making this a long term commitment. This is personally a dream come true for me and the team who are always looking foe new and exciting ways to promote nuestra cultura.

Our 2 hour show will broadcast weekly on Saturday nights at 10pm Eastern Standard Time.

Tune in and listen now…. Urban Latino Radio

For information on bookings / sponsorship, contact us at



CapicuRadioLogo  About Radio Capicu

Radio Capicu hosted by Urban Jibaro, The Guy and La Chica Que Pica promises to keep listeners captivated with the latest in news and information about cultural events and items of interest in the Latino / Urban community worldwide. Segments will include music, spoken word poetry, in depth interviews and discussions with prominent people in our community about issues relevant to the evolution of our culture as well as the preservation of our heritage. Think of us as your Latino town hall meeting.

Urbanradio  About Urban Latino

As the first lifestyle and cultural publication geared to bicultural Latinos, Urban Latino has earned its rightful place: we are the premier magazine for both male and female Latinos in the United States.

Since 1994, we have been exploring the contemporary lives of a new generation that is embarking on its own distinct journey.

Poised to be the largest market in the new millennium, Latinos will forge ahead, delineating our path, setting our own goals, creating our own agenda, and interpreting and living out distinct and intertwined lives.

We are on the cusp of a new culture forged from the vastness of Latin American heritage and the richness of contemporary U.S. society.

Join the culture, the movement, the magazine. (and now the Radio…)

The Capicu Radio Show Moves To Urban Latino Radio.