Published On: Sat, Oct 31st, 2009

The Bad Seed: Latinos Making Mayhem


Here is a treat….

So it is Halloween, and everyone is getting ready to get their ghoul on and  seize the night. Personally, I am just gonna rock one of my Luchador masks….and just get in some quality time (and a few drinks) with some good friends as my youngest son (Dj Tommy Tunez) spins for the very first time with his new equipment.

Last night I was browsing my friend Angel McClinton's website (Bullfighters Cafe) which is an amazing site about Latino Culture, Art and Filmmaking by the way. I found out by reading her latest blog entry that there is a growing Latino influence in the horror movie genre. I knew of a couple of guys like Pepper Negron and Jorge Algora, but I did not know that these guys were creating a united front to really impact the genre.

This month she interviewed Edwin Pagan, a master in the art of Latino horror movies and founder of I think that this is great, that thru this website, a few very talented filmmakers have united to show us a different flavor of films made by people like us.

It is a great interview, and what a better day than today to discover this genre of what I am sure is some really scary stuff…for all your gore fanatics out there.

Have a great night but…

Ten cuidado por ahi…que te agarra el CUCO!!!!

Check out the interview here!

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The Bad Seed: Latinos Making Mayhem