Published On: Mon, Apr 19th, 2010

The Art of Edna Collazo: Self Divided

Saludos…I wanted to take the opportunity this morning and introduce you to a new artist, Edna Collazo that I recently met thru my andanzas on Facebook…this is the first in a series I will be posting of her work because I wanted each of you to take a moment to reflect on the individual pieces.

Buen Provecho…
Your favorite Jibarito

PS… Happy Birthday Edna 😉


Self Divided 

"This painting is very close to my heart because it is a representation of the process many Latinas/os undergo with the diaspora, we find ourselves as a "self divided", truncated and in search of our true identity" – Edna Collazo

About The Artist

Edna Collazo is a Puerto Rican artist currently working with Mixed Media, acrylics, watercolor and collage. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, now living in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan, NYC. Anything and everything inspires me. My 4-year-old son, my husband and his far-reaching imagination, films, music and the neighborhood where I live right now; bursting with all the elements of my inspiration, plus many Latino accents as much as the more serious Jewish and Greek communities that both inform and form the Washington Heights sector of Upper Manhattan. This influence is giving my first series its form: “The Faces of Washington Heights”, a group of portraits of small family landmarks and the people who give them a voice. The first of the series is “La Diosa del Salón” (The Goddess of the Hair Salon).

Besides my husband and son I have a second family in an on-line network called Mixed Media Workshops where I work as part of the Administrative team and have my own group: ATC Swappers on MMW and manage a second on, the Monthly Challenge. This is a wonderful community of artists from around the world who meet to learn with our workshops and share their experiences and inspiration as artists.

The Art of Edna Collazo: Self Divided