Published On: Sat, May 2nd, 2015

Test Drive: Taking the new Fiat 500X for a cruise on the Malibu coast.

Editor’s Note: This is a review post, FIAT invited me to participate in this exclusive drive opportunity alongside other bloggers / influencers and covered all travel expenses… however all opinions in this post are mine.. and mine alone.

I still remember getting the email… inviting me to Los Angeles to test drive the new FIAT 500X, I will admit it here that I almost declined. I almost declined because the only Fiat I really knew was the 500… and I had driven it once as a rental when our family car was in the shop. I was thinking… this car is a little too small for me. Reading is fundamental, and when I started to research the product to decide whether or not this was the right opportunity for me, I saw the evolution in what FIAT has to offer. I started reading the media buzz about the 500X, specifically engineered for the US Market and it piqued my curiousity and I replied confirming my attendance.


Here is what the Build and Price site looks like at

IMG_7380Let me start by saying, I had never been to Los Angeles before and I always dreamed of driving a cool car thru LA, the Malibu coastline and Hollywood Hills so this was quickly becoming a dream trip. Who would think that I would really put FIAT in my cool car category…? but it did.

So the plan was to drive up the coast to Malibu then head into the canyons to see how this car really handles in everything from LA Traffic to the open road and finally the curves that only the canyons in California can provide. My driving partner was Fred Goodall from Mocha Man Style… who I met at Hispanicize a few years back and had not seen since the Detroit Auto Show a few months back.

We grabbed some bottled water and a few snacks and we head out. Fred was the first one at the wheel… making me the navigator (giving me the opportunity to document the trip).  Head over to Fred Goodall’s Mocha Man Style website to get his feedback on the drive.

If you want all the specs… do not hesitate to head over to the FIAT USA website.



Today… I am in Beverly Hills California, getting ready to test drive the FIAT 500X…Here is a sneak peek of what I am about to experience…#WanderingJibaro #FIAT500X

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Here are my top “AHA” moments as I drove the FIAT 500X Trekking thru the California canyons.

Design – As I mentioned, I really did not realize that this was not the “JLO” FIAT, so I was blown away by the 4 door, spacious design that I think will translate in my life, living in Long Island and traveling the 5 boros for work.  I spend a lot of time in my car, so comfort is really key with me. This is a car I can spend some time in.

Infotainment – This is actually the first thing that I look at when I test drive any car. I need to know that all my tech is going to play nice. FIAT uses UConnect to give you a seamless intergration of your smartphone and navigation. I am a Sirius XM subscriber and occasionally if I am not in a place that has consistent cell service, I will listen to my Spotify playslists which are available offline. My point being, I really have to have music when I drive and it has to sound good. The sound system in the 500X was impressive.

Handling – Your not going to get a better and more diverse test track than Los Angeles, Malibu Coast Line and the Canyons… it really gave us the opportunity to drive under completely different conditions and experience the car in the way few get to experience before purchase.  The 500X really handled the twists and turns of the canyons comfortably.

My first impression is that this is the FIAT for grownups. I really liked the design and was relieved that the size was not going to be a reason why I would not want to drive this car. It is bigger than a car and smaller than a SUV, which in car talk makes it a crossover.  The product presentation was in an event venue that looked like a airplane hangar, and the way the cars were laid out was kind of like a millionaire would lay out their prized wheels. The colors were all very nice but I was drawn to (and test drove) the “Arancio” (Orange) Trekking model because it just glowed in the room although I will admit that the customized Abarth they brought in after the drive was simply breathtaking… my perfect FIAT, customized with Mopar Accessories.


FIAT 500X Abarth

Last but not least… here is a video with a glimpse of what we did during our ride.




Quick recap video of my test drive of the FIAT 500X on the Malibu Coast.

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Test Drive: Taking the new Fiat 500X for a cruise on the Malibu coast.