Published On: Wed, May 2nd, 2007

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Borilogo001sm1 Boricuation is a special undertaking by Jose Medina, a Puerto Rican Self-taught Graphic Designer from New York City. Jose decided to use the popularity of the internet to showcase this project, to expose Puerto Rican culture and history to
Boricuation is the combination of two words . . . Boricua and Education. I was at lost for words when coming up with a title for this special project. Then it just came to me as I was doing research for this project. It sounds natural when it rolls off your tongue.
Boricuation is located in the heart of Puerto Rican history and culture. It’s the exposure of the struggles and accomplishments made by our Puerto Rican Ancestors. Making sense of the many questions that arise about whom Puerto Ricans are and where we come from.

There are countless reasons why someone would take their own personal time and resources to take on such a vast subject like Puerto Rican history. There are many places where people can access information about Puerto Rico: Books, magazines, newspapers and the internet. Through José ’s curiosity about his own identity and ancestry, was created to enlighten other Puerto Ricans who are miss-informed or just do not know and are curious about their Puerto Rican roots.

Now, I share just a little of our culture and history through graphic design and various articles about Puerto Rico. I take this project personal and hope to expose this information through my perspective and blast it out into cyberspace for everyone to acquire and grasp a piece of Puerto Rican Soul. I would like to initiate an educational look into a rich culture, mi gente boricua!

P1000087About Jose Medina

Me llamo Jose Medina, I am a NuYorican / Puerto Rican born and raised on The Lower East Side in New York City. First took my eyes to see La Isla de Encanto in 1992 when I was 25 years old. It was magic! When I got off the plane, after the first plane ride in my life, I felt it. The spirit of El Jibaro. It took over like the heat of the humid less air that surrounds you when you exit the airport terminal.
I felt the love of my country explode with pride within me, being introduced to Mi Isla, Mi Tierra. I was born again! Born again A Puerto Rican!
Within one hour I had Mi Gorra on and was barefooted driving west on La Autopista heading to San Lorenzo. I could imagine how many others like me, Nuyoricans, who experience the same feelings I did that day. Since then I expose myself to my culture through Mi Familia, Friends, even people I have never met.

Creating a Network

I am developing and organization through, to bring Puerto Rican educational and cultural events to places where there are very little or non-existing access to these kinds of events. To bring together a network of boricua people and organizations from different facets of the corporate, entertainment and private sector. Through this network, all members will have access to all types of services at a discount or pro bono basis.
This will assist in the advancement of fellow boricua organizations and people who are trying to either start or promote a current business, venture or event. We would be in a direct position to help uplift each other while enriching the community through educational and cultural events. The foundation is in place and the Bori Network is in the starting phase and we expect many to come forward and contribute to the network.
Together we can prove that we can work as a united people and organize ourselves to better serve our youths. We need to assist each other to contradict the genderfication that is pushing us and our culture out of our neighborhoods. We need to plant our seeds and bring life to boricua community. We are registered voters and have contributed to this society and continue to do so. Our people are productive citizens and are not the minority that they claim us to be.
To contribute or join the Bori Network contact Jose Medina
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