Published On: Tue, Mar 17th, 2009

Tesoro On The Web: Why Spanish Harlem Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

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Saludos y Happy St. Patricks Day to all of those that it applies to…or anyone happening to wear green for the day because it gives you an escusa to party on a Tuesday afternoon. I was on the web trying to find out about some cultural facts or resources of people that may be Irish – Latino…and ran into this great article on one of my favorite NYC Latino sites. It is an article written by RAFAEL MERINO CORTÉS  that actually traces such a connection between the Irish and Latinos…very educational…

I do not have permission to publish the article in it's entirety but the link is provides so you can enjoy not only this article but everything the NY Latino Journal has to offer.

Que lo aprovechen

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PS…according to my peeps on Facebook, Chupacabra would beat the Leprechaun in a fair one…read about that here.

Why Spanish Harlem Celebrates St. Patrick's Day


Imagen St. Patrick's Day, everyone's Irish. Even Latinos put aside their Medallas, Dos Equis and Presidentes for a pint of Guinness. However, our commemoration to the shamrock and salute to the Emerald Isle has a more interesting foundation than the excuse to consume Irish stout (as if we needed an excuse).

In fact, we can trace our connection to the folks of Éire to before Christianity – and before Latin America became "Latin" or "America."

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Tesoro On The Web: Why Spanish Harlem Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day