Published On: Wed, Feb 2nd, 2011

Tesoro On The Web: “The Latin Products” Website Is Like A Virtual Bodega

Latinproducts I have had this site almost 14 years and I have connected with Latinos in all walks of life and from every corner of the world. Now depending on where you are, is how available certain staple Latino products are in your local grocer. I have had readers ask me to send them things like sofrito, malta and sazon because they could not find it in their neighborhoods. It actually would have been a great opportunity for me to sell some of these things but I never aspired to be an online retailer.

In my web andanzas, I saw a Facebook post from my friend Cynthia Clifford (Brooklyn Cupcake) and discovered The Latin Products. The Latin Products carries the full line of Goya products, beverages, cleaning products, cooking utensils and even pharmaceuticals from mexico and other Latino countries. I even found Materva, a yerba mate drink a very popular drink that my good friend @gopalo just recommended to me via twitter a few days back.

My absolute favorite product they sell

is a EL CHAVO DEL 8 Pinata


So check them out today..

Happy Shopping!!!

George Torres

The Urban Jibaro

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About The Latin Products

  Food is a nationwide online latin store for authentic Latin products and Mexican Food. Lowest Price and Best Selection of Products Guaranteed. Today, we offer more than 1200 specialty Latin Products and Mexican food from imported and national leading Latin food brands. is one of the largest online grocery store for authentic Latin foods, our selection and value provides a rich resource for consumers, chefs and Latin restaurants. We also offer a wide variety of gourmet Latin and Mexican food products. performs the fulfillment of groceries in it's distribution center located in Georgia and USPS/FedEx ensures expedient, reliable delivery of all orders nationwide. streamlines the shopping process by eliminating the difficulty of having to drive to multiple stores in search of authentic Latin food and Mexican food not commonly in stock at conventional grocers. It also provides an expert solution to all amateur chefs looking for authentic Latin food, as well as Mexican food. This exceptional concept is available at one user-friendly location, offering secure shopping, complemented by rapid and reliable delivery services.





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Tesoro On The Web: “The Latin Products” Website Is Like A Virtual Bodega