Published On: Mon, Sep 28th, 2009

Tesoro On The Web: Ready For Some More Wise Latinas?

Sometimes I just wander aimlessly on Twitter and checkout some of the people on my network and find really cools stuff. Here is a Tesoro On The Web  I found at @wiselatinaent and I hope we will all hear much more from. It is a company that specializes in Multimedia Latino “Edutainment” (shout out to KRS-One). This is what our kids need, characters and stories that reflect “nuestra cultura…” I am happier than a fat kid right under a bursting piñata.

Felicidades to Wise Latina Entertainment for such a great presentation…I want to see more… no me dejen esperando.

As I am,

George Torres

The Urban Jibaro

Check it out and let me know what you think…in the comments below…

Celebrate! The World Benefits From The “Wise Latina” In All Of Us…

To that end we exist today to serve family, culture and the global community with edutainment and philanthropy.

Our story is that of Wise Latinas near and far, shared by so many and yet so truly simple. These stories we chose to share in the form of bilingual English & Spanish content including whimsical and hilarious animation, films, new media and print content.

Filmmaking is a means of expression, sharing , teaching , bonding and spreading Wise Latina- ism. In addition to filmmaking, WLE Interactive also produces mobile, iPhone and facebook applications, educational software and video games.

WLE Entertainment Events include themed character , comedy, musical and improv performances, book signings, public speaking as motivational key notes and comedy events.

WLS Philanthropic commitment to community revitalization is strong and our Community Revitalization Events roster includes culinary cook off competitions, scholarship award ceremonies, entrepreneurial expos, investor pitch events, and career opportunities events, too.

Wise Latinas Entertainment advocates inclusion of all peoples embracing commitment to strong family, cultural, traditional and community values. WLE supports commitment to community, uplifting the under-served, high educational achievement, self improvement, personal excellence and exceeding one’s full potential in life.

Of course the “Wise Latinas” pop culture phenomenon ignited by Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor inspired the masses worldwide, equally empowering us all! There is nothing racist nor sexist about the term , “Wise Latinas.” That’s just some silly notion “trumped up” in political circles to prevent the advancement of Latinos altogether. So silly a notion, WLE created an animated series in the interest of wholesome humour!  In fact the term “wise” is entirely positive and motivating in that it inspires multinationals to reach their full potential. Thank you, honorable Justice Sotomayor, and the many Wise Latinas worldwide who make us proud and inspire us to be bold and wise!

WLs celebrate because we understand the Wise Latinas journey, we applaud WLs accomplishments and we stand honored to support the legions of brilliant WLs worldwide.

WLs also realize the importance of passing the torch and insuring our next generation has the tools, support, resources, encouragement and “wise counsel” required to achieve their dreams which in turn benefits us all!

The Wise Latinas Teaser Reel from Wise Latinas on Vimeo.

Tesoro On The Web: Ready For Some More Wise Latinas?