Published On: Sat, Dec 20th, 2008

Tesoro on the web: Meet the Rican Chef


It is that time of year…when I miss my family most…a few years back they all relocated to the central Florida area…and took Mama with them. Mama (Gloria) is my grandmother and like most "nietos" I swear by her cooking talents (I mean have you seen my pics?…I am not gordito just because…lol). Like many Latina grandmothers, Mama gets busy in the kitchen and God forbid that you enter the kitchen while she she is in "cocina mode" you will get a aggressive wave of a "cucharon" (spoon) and she will scream…"SALTE DE LA COCINA!!!!"

Work restraints keep me from participating in the Parranda and all of it's benefits (arroz con gandules and pernil)…so I need to make it happen on my own.

After a conversation the other day with my buddy Eathan from, I decided to share this awesome website that many people (like me) rely on to fix themselves a little something that reminds them of being back home in Puerto Rico. (SIDENOTE: Check out his site too as he will be sharing recipes from all different cultures)…

Visit Rican Recipes today…they have some great recipes like;

About the Rican Chef;

Chef_photo You all know me as the "Rican Chef", but my real name is Carmen Pilar Santos de Curran. I was born in Ft. Brooke's Army Base in San Juan, Puerto Rico on October 26, 1949. You figure my age! Take a look at my picture and see that I still look good (todavia me quedan cantos buenos).

I lived in Puerto Rico my first eight years. As an Army brat, I was taken to Panama where we lived for 3 years. The Army then took us to El Paso, Texas where we spent another 4 years. We moved back to our little (terruñito de arena) Island (Mamá Borínquen Me Llama la la la) in 1964 until I married in 1970.

To read more please visit and do not forget to invite The Urban Jibaro to your next Parranda.

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Tesoro on the web: Meet the Rican Chef