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Tesoro On The Web: La Finca Del Sur, An Urban Farm In The Bronx


Yes… a real farm in the South Bronx. Finally, a place where I can where my Pava in NYC (besides the PR Parade) and not get funny looks…

Buen Provecho,

George Torres

The Urban Jibaro

About Finca Del Sur

La Finca Del Sur is the 1st women-operated urban farm in the Bronx!! We are rooted in respect for our precious earth, our communities and ourselves, working together cooperatively to support the economic empowerment of the South Bronx through farming. We seek to provide the space, resources, and training to produce fresh, affordable, quality food locally. La Finca Del Sur/South Bronx Farmers are currently transforming three acres of land into an innovative urban farm, farmer’s marketplace, health & wellness hub, children’s science program, and community gathering/performance space. La Finca Del Sur/South Bronx Farmers are committed to building healthy neighborhoods through education and food sustainability by providing local, affordable and quality food, and the means to produce it, to low income communities.

Location: South Boogie Down Bronx : New York : United States

Interests: La Finca Del Sur translates literally as "Farm of The South". We chose this name as a tribute to the southern regions of the world, fertile lands of productivity and endurance, and to the people of the South Bronx , many who migrated from the southern states to find their own place to grow. It is in Spanish to additionally honor the many Latino groups who have helped to shape the culture of this area. La Finca Del Sur se traduce literalmente como "Farm of The South". Escogimos este nombre como tributo a las regiones surenas del mundo, tierras fertiles que perduran, y a la gente del Sur del Bronx, muchos entre ellos migrantes del los estados del sur, quienes vinieron en busca de un lugar para desarrollar. El nombre es en espanol para honrar tambien a los tantos grupos Latinos que han ayudado a formar la cultura de esta area. Rooted in respect for our precious Earth, our communities and ourselves, we are working together cooperatively to provide the South Bronx community with access to local, affordable farm-fresh organic food; encourage economic empowerment; promote health awareness; teach environmental education and to stand for social equity. We accept everyone in solidarity w/ our vision regardless of race, gender, age, and ability. We encourage and celebrate the South Bronx's multicultural folklore, arts and traditions

Check out their website for more info at…

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Tesoro On The Web: La Finca Del Sur, An Urban Farm In The Bronx