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Telling The Untold Story This Latino Heritage Month And Getting Real Stereotypical About It.

untoldstoriesToday [Latino or Hispanic] Heritage Month begins and I am excited. The spirit of this month is really the foundation of what Sofrito For Your Soul is about 365 days a year. Now I have always been an advocate of storytelling and really teaching people the roots of our ancestry. Most people I know agree that the educational system does not do a great job of giving an accurate recollection of the accomplishments of Latinos in the United States. I think that there are a few great projects we have been partnered up with that will tell those stories like Latino Americans on PBS, The Georgia Latino Film Festival, Soledad Speaks and hundreds of great blogs written by people we love in the community.

This year, I want to do something different, I want to explore stereotypes. Not the usual Latino stereotypes we are used to seeing on TV and Film, I am talking about the positive of people that impact our lives in a positive way. I am talking about the teacher struggling to pay her student loans yet always finds a few hundred dollars to make sure the kids in her class have the tools they need to learn. I am also talking about the community builders that work to redirect resources to places local government ignores. We cannot forget the grandmothers that raise their children’s children “temporarily” so their  families could “echar pa’lante and be ok when they are gone. These are people we all know… and we need to tell THAT story.



My Community Always Inspires Great Ideas!

I say all of this to say, I will be looking for your submissions of poetry, short stories, pictures, videos, visual art that tell stories about the people in our community. This is your time to celebrate your local community pillars… send your entries to and you can be published!

On that note, check out my untold story on the PBS website to promote the upcoming Latino Americans Series Celebrating Our Legacy. Be sure to leave a comment in support of this amazing project.


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Thanks again… Abrazos!

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Telling The Untold Story This Latino Heritage Month And Getting Real Stereotypical About It.