Published On: Wed, Sep 10th, 2014

TeenDrive365: Creating A Culture Of Safe Driving

2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid

2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid

What you need to know at a glance —> TeenDrive365 – At Your Local Dealership program, is an interactive Teen Driver Safety Clinic that provides pre-drivers and new drivers and their parents with car care basics to prepare for the road ahead.

Now… if that got your attention… let me tell you more.

There are few things more frightening in the world than a parent letting go… I have 2 college aged teenagers and seeing them grow up is not easy. It is not easy for me because I trust my kids, but I do not trust the world we live in. The biggest test for me was handing over the keys to my son Tommy (Dj Tommy Tunez) for the very first time. I knew he was a pretty good driver but I also knew that he grown up watching that popular movie about fast cars and playing video games to live that experience. I remember my first time behind the wheel… I too wanted to emulate everything I ever imagined about fast cars and racing (it did not help that my first car was a Toyota 1.8, which is a HUGE part of the race car culture in Puerto Rico.) I learned to respect the privilege of driving by trial and error.

While attending the LULAC conference in NYC, I found out that my friends at Toyota have developed a training for you and your teens that will help them adopt a culture of safer driving. This will avoid them experiencing some of the common pitfalls that can happen as an unexperienced driver. I was really happy when they reached out to invite me to be an ambassador for this program.

This program is called TEEN DRIVE 365 and it is coming to the NYC Area. The local independently owned Toyota dealerships are going to make this FREE 2.5 hour event available to you throughout New York City, Bronx, Long Island and New Jersey.

Toyota’s TeenDrive365  Let s Create The Next Generation of Safer Drivers

Here are the details;

This FREE 2.5 hour non-driving interactive session provides both pre-driver and new-driver teens, as well as their parents, a beyond basics approach to road safety. It includes car care tips, coaching techniques and other practical tools in a safe, non-sales environment. Families participate in hands-on activities in class and around the car to promote safe-driving behavior.
This interactive clinic will cover topics such as:

  • Defensive driving “universal truths” and best practices
  • Understanding your vehicle’s performance dynamics
  • Dangerous driving distractions and how to avoid them
  • Car operations, safety features and basic maintenance fundamentals
  • Communication and coaching tips for parents and teens
  • Mutual driving agreements for pre-driver/new-driver teens and their parents

I strongly recommend that you invest this time with your teen to help them, but also to give yourself a refresh of what safe driving should look like in a time where there are so many distractions.

I have already made plans to do this class with my son on October 18th at the the Millenium Toyota Dealership Hempstead Long Island where incidentally we bought our last Toyota Corolla ;).  I am also inviting my good friends from the Latina Moms of Long Island to spend quality time with their teens learning skills that can save their lives.

Follow the #TeenDrive365 hashtag for more safety tips and resources.

Upcoming Teen Driver Safety Clinic events:

To register, click on event location.







(at Toyota City Service Facility)







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Disclaimer: This is part of a paid safety campaign for Toyota’s Teen Drive 365 Initiative… however, I am a big supporter of safety so all insight and opinion is my own.

TeenDrive365: Creating A Culture Of Safe Driving