Published On: Sun, Jun 1st, 2014

Team Capicu Brings The NYC Puerto Rican Parade To Your Social Feeds Via #QueBonitaBandera, Reporting LIVE From Our Float!

You heard it here first…

1466046_770769199608318_238134819970340321_n #TeamCapicu (Sofrito Media Group’s new social media reporting team) is hosting a live social cultivation event during the National Puerto Rican Day Parade to bring the Boricua Pride right to you via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds using the hashtag #QueBonitaBandera.  

Joining me to help make Puerto Rican culture a trending topic is Rebecca “La Gitana” Torres, our official life style remixer as well as Celebrity Social Media Reporter, Lynn Ponder from the  phenomenon known as The Web City Girls, and Capicu cofounder and social networking pioneer PaPo Swiggity along with many of our family and friends. We will give you a behind the scene view of the parade, cover the history of the parade, celebrate important moments of our legacy, honor great Boricuas and last but not least… 

we will be reporting live from our Capicu Culture float as we make our way down 5th Ave featuring music and poetry from Machete Movement! YES… CAPICU HAS A FLOAT!

As many of you may know… This parade has been reclaimed by the community and our intention is highlight the contributions the Puerto Rican community has has on the history of NYC and The United States.  I am proud to be serving the Social Media Ambassador alongside #TeamCapicu considering the direction of the newly appointed board.

This  year’s  parade  will  commemorate  the  centennial  birthday  of  Puerto  Rican  poet  Julia  de  Burgos,  and  will  be  dedicated  to  the  soldiers  of  the  65th  Infantry  Regiment,  also  known  as  The  Borinqueneers.    The  featured  municipalities  of  this  year’s  celebration  will  be  the  town  of  Guánica  (63  miles  southwest  of  San  Juan,  population  19,000),  in  commemoration  of  the  centennial  of  its  founding,  and  the  city  of  Chicago,  home  to  one  of  the  largest  Puerto  Rican  communities  on  the  U.S.  mainland.

The New York Times reported that Lorraine Cortes-Vazquez, the chairwoman of the board of directors for the parade group, said the board would award $30,000 in scholarships this year — up from $10,000 last year — to at least 15 students, and that the group hoped to eventually finance 100 scholarships annually.

These are the kind of changes that we needed to see… I want to personally thank everyone who had a role in the reclaiming the Puerto Rican parade and delivering it back to the people. Now it it is our job to make sure we use this platform to reconnect our families to our cultural legacy… it is all about continuity.

Our Social Broadcast will begin at 11:00am Sunday June 8th… and will end ????


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Team Capicu Brings The NYC Puerto Rican Parade To Your Social Feeds Via #QueBonitaBandera, Reporting LIVE From Our Float!