Published On: Fri, Aug 31st, 2007


We need your help to keep Sofrito For Your Soul on the web!

Thank you for your interest in preserving our culture. Supporting Sofrito For Your Soul helps us to continue to bring quality information and programming to the Latino community, a mission we have been committed to for over 10 years.

One of our biggest aspirations is to take Sofrito For Your Soul beyond the scope of the internet and integrate with other means of communication. Great examples of this is our new Blog Talk Radio Show, RADIO CAPICU and our partnership with Espacio Latino in creating a premier venue for cultural expression in Brooklyn, NY called CAPICU POETRY & CULTURAL SHOWCASE

Your support will help us provide a variety of of education and outreach services that will take our commitment beyond the website and directly address needs in the community. We still need to reach those who may not have access to the internet.

Donations from supporters like you represent the single largest source of support for our website. Your support can take many forms, for example;

  • Financial Donations (see secure Chip In form below)
  • Advertising with Sofrito For Your Soul
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  • Becoming an Advocate for Cultural Expression

Thank you for empowering us to continue to enrich the lives of all those looking to feed their souls with the best of Latino culture on the web!

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