Published On: Sun, Jul 19th, 2009

Sunday Sofrito – July 19th, 2009

Question-mark WEPA!!!!! ES DOMINGO….

I am trying so hard to use my day off wisely and get some serious work done as my week will be crazy…pero that is not different than any other week. Well truth is, I really did not post all that much this week so instead of recapping the few articles I did post, I figured I would just take some time and respond to some reader's emails today…both the questions and responses have been abbreviated (because some responses were long…)

Vamos Pa Encima…

As I am,

George Torres

The Urban Jibaro aka El Compai De La Cultura!



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I have been following your site for a minute, why did you change your format? Does it work and what software are you using? I want to start a Latino sports blog…- Pedro C. Harrisburg PA

Saludos Pedro…I changed formats because RSS feeds allow me to reach many more people and we have tripled our reach over the last 3 years using RSS and great social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. We are running TYPEPAD's platform for our site and are extremely happy with their service. I do wish you well with your blog and email me if you need help.

I am interested in writing for you, how can I apply? – BoricuaBandit75 – Lanising, MI

There is really no application process as at this time we do not have any paid writing positions. We do however, post original short stories, poetry, recipes and articles from readers just like you interested in sharing their "sofrito" with thousands of Latinos around the world. visit our submissions page for more info.

Tu me sales hasta en la sopa, facebook, twitter, myspace and migente **LOL** Are you still doing the Capicu Poetry events? If so where? I have not been to one in a while. – Ana L. Brooklyn, NY

That is the strategy, wherever Latino life happens…I want to be there. Yes Paposwiggity and I are still developing branded projects for Capicu Poetry but we currently are on a "Capicu" vacation. Papo is an a writing sabbatical and I am working on an amazing project that will be announced in the next stay tuned….our next event should be a BACK TO SCHOOL event in September. Email us at to join the mailing list.

Do you host events?  what are your rates? Lisa M Yonkers, NY

I guess I can…how much you got? Seriously…yes I am available to host events, attend panel discussions, speak to the youth, do voiceovers for your project and consult on development on projects that target the ecclectic cultural demographic. I also have access to great hosting talent like Papo Swiggity who is also available for bookings through Sofrito Media Group. if interested in booking for an event email us at or visit our partnership page.

I get hungry every time I think about your "Sofrito" site but I always wondered, Can you cook? Dee Love – Chicago, IL

Me vas a meter en lio…my wife always complains that I do not cook enough. The truth is yes I can cook, my first career was culinary in nature, I worked for London Lennie's in Rego Park NYC for some years in the late 80's and then Marriott Corporate Dining in the Merrill Lynch headquarters (World Financial Center) as a Sous Chef from like 1990 to 1995. I will be honest that I can probably cook evverything that is not Latino…and I still cannot make a decent pot of rice. I can make some mean Jibarito sandwiches though…lol.

I know someone (ok I am lying, it's me) that can really use some promotion for my new business. We are a small cafe whose theme is very artsy and cultural. I do not have a lot of money but I can really use some help and I heard that you do consulting. – (name withheld) NY

As mentioned previously, we are available for consulting small business that are interested in reaching a broader and more relevant client base. Thru Capicu Poetry, we are also able to create signature branded events that will make your business thrive. As far as cost…we do take size of business into perspective and do offer social media consulting on how to promote yourself with little or no budget using the sites that your potential clients network on. contact us at our Partnerships page with your needs…we will be happy to help.

Why did you start this site? – Yubelky – Providence RI

Que pregunta…my reasons for starting the site were many. I think I saw a series of "Latino" sites that were pushing content on or about our people that did not reflect my reality in Brooklyn NY or my experience at SUNY College at Old Westbury. These sites eventually failed because there were not enough Latinos on the web and because the business world was not yet aware of what kind of buying power we had. Some great sites emerged out of this era that are still around to this day, and these "webmasters" have inspired me to continue my goal to keep promoting our culture not only to Latinos but to the many people out there that are curious about our rich cultural heritage. The sites I am talking about are still around…El Boricua and (the original Jibaro on the web) and

I decided that my site will redefine "SOFRITO" into a more of a Pan-Latino concept in which we would celebrate all Latinos, because we are all linked culturally. 

What have your been your biggest accomplishments? Lydia E – Atlanta GA

There are so many, here are just a few…

  1. Having an opportunity to work in the community through great organizations like Muevete, Phi Iota Alpha, Por Tu Familia, Casa Ana and through other community events (like Pa'l Pueblo) we have created through collaborations between Capicu Poetry and Sofrito For Your Soul.
  2. Becoming a media sponsor for the first Latin American art exhibit in Long Island's history featuring the work of artists like Frida Kahlo and Fernando Botero. I even created a virtual gallery online when I was still writing html code by hand. The Nassua County Museum of Art was not really web saavy at the time.
  3. Being able to create a live version of my website through Capicu Poetry Cultural Showcase after years of concieving it with my partner PaPo Swiggity. The accomplishment lies within the communities support for that project.
  4. Even though I maintain that I was a blogger before the term bloggers existed I would honestly say reinventing the site several times and embracing social media to the extent that I am now considered an expert. Concieving, creating and keeping my platform relevant is a huge accomplishment.
  5. Finding out I have readers all over the world…that keeps me humble. every single one of you that has supported me over the past 12 years contiinues to inspire me daily to find new ways to help you reconnect with our culture.
  6. Finding out that several Latino students have used my site for their PHD dissertation not as a source but as subject matter…that one choked me up…shhhh no le digas a nadie…

Sunday Sofrito – July 19th, 2009