Published On: Sun, Jul 12th, 2009

Sunday Sofrito – July 12th, 2009


it is me…your favorite Jibaro on the web…and I must say it has been an interesting few weeks but I wanted to re-commit to giving you my Sunday Sofrito recaps that I started a while back after checking out's weekly "Link Cariño" post. 

Now the Sunday Sofrito post is really just a collection of links…some on our site and some on some other great Latino sites that have some info that I think you will like. 

Vamos para encima…

As I am,
George Torres
aka El Compai De La Cultura!

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Here are some great links on Blogs I enjoy….
  • Hip Hop returns to it's birthplace this Summer!
  • I finally got my dedicated FACEBOOK vanity URL….  Que esperas? Send me a friend request today…and network with some of our readers.

Now this week on Sofrito For Your Soul….

  • New Rochelle becomes your shortcut to Puerto Rico…even has a coqui

Hasta la semana que viene!!!! 




Sunday Sofrito – July 12th, 2009