Published On: Sun, Jan 5th, 2014

Sometimes I Wish I Can Be Frozen In Time…

gellybeanzThere is no real category for a post like this. I just had one of those moments that I wish could last forever…

Last night, my daughter Angelica aka “La Jibarita” and I cashed in a rain check for a Daddy / Daughter date that was cancelled due to her getting her two wisdom teeth extracted last week. She is only home from college for a few weeks and I know time can easily get away from me… but I really wanted to make it happen. Every day we tried to go something happened that prevented us from going, then on Friday the blizzard hit NY and I thought we would never go.

On Saturday… I was fed up… I just decided to cancel everything I had on my evening calendar and kidnap her from her Grandmother’s house and off we were.

We had originally planned to see American Hustle and on our way to the movie theater I said joking around “we should make it a double header and check out Walt Disney’s Frozen too”. We laughed but I knew that was not happening. While I was parking the car, I sent Angelica in to buy our seats. She walks up to me and tells me the next two screenings of American Hustle were  SOLD OUT. This never happens to me, I am that “I will buy tickets on Fandango on my iphone guy”.  Then my daughter says… I guess we are going to see Frozen with the cutest little look on her face,  I suddenly had this warm feeling overcome me, for just a brief moment I had my lil Gellybean again. She walks into the theater with the biggest soda (she could not believe that it was a medium) with a smile to match.

We watched the movie…occasionally looking over at each other (and I was) almost wishing this movie would never end… because the minute she walks outside, she will be my college age daughter again. No spoilers, but the movie covers some ground you can expect an overprotective dad like me to have covered throughout her teenage years (about relationships and love).

It is so ironic that she has become everything her mother and I wished she would be… yet sometimes I just wish I can have my little girl. The same girl that I would get all dressed up for to dance Salsa at the popular Daddy / Daughter dances every year. I really miss those days. (((sigh)))

I feel like the Universe conspired in our favor and we had a great time…

Our night ended with Hot Chocolate / Coffee at Dunkin Donuts and a long, detailed (& hilarious) account of her and her college friends adventure to a Zed Rave at the West Side Piers. I listened intently and at the end of the story, I just quietly thanked God that I have a daughter that is so full of life and adventure who is surrounded by good friends that share her passion for life.

That is all a Daddy can ask for… well that, and for more opportunities to be frozen in time with my little girl.



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Sometimes I Wish I Can Be Frozen In Time…