Published On: Sun, Mar 30th, 2008

Sofrito News: Author Piri Thomas suffers stroke

We have just received news late last night that 79 year old author Piri Thomas suffered a stroke this past Tuesday in the state of California. We have just obtained an email from Piri’s wife Suzie updating us on Piri’s condition (Special Thanks to LatynJazz, Esteban Jimenez and Fish Vargas for getting us this information)

We ask that you all keep Piri in your prayers that he make a complete and speedy recovery. We will update you as more information becomes available.

In February 2008, Piri came down to our showcase in Brooklyn NYC as the featured artist of our Love Our Culture event. We are honored to have hosted him and his wife, and now reach out to our Tri-State family for a show of support.

If you want to send Piri Thomas a get well message please email us at or call our community hotline (208) 723-5966 and we will compile these in a transcript and audio CD that will go directly to Piri, so that collectively we can raise his spirits and lend him our strength to survive this ordeal.

The Capicu family would like to thank you in advance for prayers.

Siempre Palante,
Capicu Poetry & Cultural Showcase
Community Hotline: (208) 723-5966

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Here is the letter from Suzie;


Familia y amigos,

Our querido Piri has had a stroke. Yesterday, March 24 in the morning, we
called 911 and he was taken to Kaiser Hospital in nearby Richmond. It is a
“hemorhagic stroke”, meaning it was a burst vessel with a small bleed, rather
than a clot/blockage.

He was admitted to the hospital ICU, and is still there. The cat scan today
indicated that the bleeding has stopped, so he will be transfered to a
regular room tomorrow.

His right side has been affected. Presently he cannot hold his weight on his
right leg, nor raise his right hand to his mouth with a fork, although his
strength in both has improved since yesterday. His speech is slurred
intermittently but understandable and also improved since yesterday. He is in
good spirits, but I know he soon will be very sick of the hospital and at not
being able to get chuletas and rice and beans. Right now they are feeding him
through a tube, as his ability to swallow completely has been affected.

We are cautiously optimistic that much of his function can be regained
through physical and speech therapy. Already they have seen him improve.

In terms of me, I realize that this is one of those events that marks a sea
change in our lives. I am trying to keep from thinking too far ahead right
now, since we just don’t know, and Piri has up to now had miraculous powers
of recovery from all his various malaises. The dogs and some home repairs are
keeping me busy for now.?

I want there to be a circle of prayers and good wishes that extends from
England to New Zealand. I will keep you posted via email should anything
change. This is a hard time for me, and for all of us, so let us keep the
faith that all will turn out as it should.

Peace and love,

Suzie and the dogs

Sofrito News: Author Piri Thomas suffers stroke