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Sofrito 4 Kids: Learning Social Responsibility For Teens!

The following tips were a part of a white paper hand out that we gave to teens at the 13th Annual Muevete Conference that was held in Betances Community Center in the Bronx on November 12th, 2011 after a conversation.

This was a summary of sorts of a discussion we had called TechKnowledgy: Learning Social Responsibility that was facilitated by Jeff Namnum and your favorite Jibarito.

Please share these with other parents, educators and other community leaders.

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Quick Tips On Using Social Media Responsibly For Teens

These tips will help you enjoy the benefits of social media and avoid some of the bad things that can happen online like getting stalked, bullied, having your identity stolen, your computer hacked or causing irreparable harm to your reputation.

  • First things first…LIVE LIFE! Social connections are cool, but real relationships matter most.  Take time to participate in activities outside the social media realm.  There is such a beautiful world out there – enjoy it and everything in it.


  • Protect your information:  When using social media, protect information like location, the school you attend, etc.  Use the privacy features to keep outsiders out!


  • Think before you post: Do not post anything you would not want to explain to your parents, teachers or law enforcement.  Remember that once you post something online, you cannot take it back, it is forever.  Employers and college recruiters often “Google” you to see what kind of person you are.  Would you really want to be judged on something that may be taken out of context?


  • Treat others like you would want to be treated: Gossiping, impersonating, harassing, stalking, saying hurtful things, revealing secrets and threatening online is Cyber Bullying.  These actions have real world consequences and are illegal.  You cannot really hide your identity online when breaking the law.


  • Do not trust your “best friend”:  You tell your mobile device more than you would any friend you have.  Protect yourself by not saying or sending anything via text or social media that you would not want the world to know.  Your reputation can be ruined in 140 characters or less if you were to lose your device.


  • Use Social Media to highlight the best of YOU: LinkedIn is a great website that you can use to start documenting your educational background, work history, and aspirations.  You can connect with professionals you know to start networking with people that can potentially become mentors.  This could be a great head start to accomplishing your career goals.

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Sofrito 4 Kids: Learning Social Responsibility For Teens!