Published On: Mon, Jul 20th, 2009

Sofrito 4 Kids: Hope Center Honduras Makes A Difference

Mi gente…Sometimes you see something that just touches your heart, I was browsing YOUTUBE and found an amazing video of children learning about their Honduran culture. They were dressed in typical honduran clothes and singing and dancing…it was beautiful. I knew it would end up on a post…but looking into the organization that the video originated from…I saw so much more. It turns out that the video was shot in Honduras at the Hope Center. The video is beautiful but the story behind the video…is even more amazing.

About The Hope Center

The Hope Center is an orphanage in Valle de Angeles, Honduras where John and Tarah Carrette are the parents to 16 children. John and Tarah's heart is to create a home for their kids and not an institution. Through lots of love and lots of laundry the Hope Center has truly become a home.

Here is what their site says about their mission.

HopeHope is the promise that tomorrow will be better than today. 

The Hope Center is a story of hope.  It is the story of how our children who once had no hope for a home,  or for a family, no hope for love, one day found themselves waking up in a better tomorrow.  Their lives tell the story that God really can make tomorrow better than today.

We pray that as you read our story, you too will see that God is a God of hope not only for us and our kids, but can be for you as well.  Your tomorrow can be better than today. 

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Sofrito 4 Kids: Hope Center Honduras Makes A Difference