Published On: Tue, Oct 18th, 2016

#SocialSofrito –> Influencers, Do You Know What Your Posts Are Worth?

Are you a blogger or a social media influencer?

Interested in building a brand around your expertise?

Having access to the right tools will help you put a number when you approach brands for your dream projects.

I love to share new tools that I consider useful. Today’s tool helps you figure out how exactly to put a number to what potentially a post from one of your social media profiles should cost a brand as you put together your proposal for them.

I first heard about this tool at PR Blogger Con during Edith Tapia’s [] session on how to build your press kit. I have already started implementing this as part of my “Why Aren’t You Crushing It?” sessions.



According to their website… here is how it works.

Find the value of your YouTube channel, Facebook page, and blog. Discover how much your Instagram, Vine, and Twitter accounts are worth – all for free.

Add Your Platforms

Connect each of your social media platforms to Social Bluebook. We currently offer values for YouTube, Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. Don’t worry; we’ll never post on your behalf.

Find Your Value

Social Bluebook calculates a suggested price that you can use as a starting point in negotiations with a brand. Our valuations take into account the most important factors such as the reach, viewership, engagement, genre, and demographics of your profile.

Send a Quote

Select the social platforms you want to send in a verified quote to a brand. You can email your metrics with or without the suggested prices.

Watch This Video…To Learn More

Know Your Worth: What’s my social media value for branded content?

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#SocialSofrito –> Influencers, Do You Know What Your Posts Are Worth?