Published On: Fri, Nov 4th, 2011

How I became Santa…

SantaSo when I talk about Pa'l Pueblo and say that "we deliver Christmas to children in Brooklyn" I do not think people really understand the spirit of this project. So I think I need to elaborate and tell the story about why this project is our biggest initiative of the year.

Capicu Poetry was founded on the concept of giving back to the community, so when Papo and I were approached by community activist Jessica "Fifa" Arocho and Jason Tennant (owner of the EvilOlivE Bar) about re-investing in our community during the Holidays… we jumped at it without even thinking.

What evolved was no TOYS FOR TOTS program (no disrespect to them… they do amazing work) but this was an organic movement to create a Christmas Experience. We do not just hand gifts to children and call it a day. This is a community effort to change the way these children experience the holiday despite financial difficulties. It is a partnership with the school, teachers, administrators, parents and YOU the person that comes to Capicu to feed that part of you that no place else can.

This about us just as much as it is about the kids… we value the ideals of youth empowerment and know that at the core of that… kids need to enjoy their youth. The teachers often give us feedback as to what kind of toy would be ideal for particular children based on what their interests are… so we have some elves at work. For me personally, playing Santa to the kids is the biggest gift I get every year… as I reminisce on similar programs that we had to depend on when I was a kid growing up in both Brooklyn and Puerto Rico… I get to give back and that is an amazing feeling.


The Pa'l Pueblo movement is just like the mythical North Pole, except we do not make gifts (at least not yet)… instead, we raise money, buy, wrap and deliver the gifts for the children at an in school celebration in which the kids give back by way of song and dance, singing multicultural Christmas carols. That is what makes this initiative so important to us at Capicu Cultural Showcase.

We cannot do it alone… we need your help in making this event as successful as the last 4. This year we have decided to increase our committment from 150 kids to about 500… I am confident that together we can pull it off.



Here are a few ways you can help us to deliver Christmas to over 100 kids in Bushwick Brooklyn for the 5th year in a row…

Attend the event – Your $10 donation gets you live music, comedy and poetry – a plate of delicious food and other goodies. RSVP at We also do annual raffles that include prizes like Big Screen TV's, Lap Tops, Tablet Computers, Video Game consoles and Original Art donated by members of our Capicu Community.

Promote the event… You already know what it is…let your friends know… send them this link

Cannot attend but you love what we are doing?

Let your friends know that they can donate on by clicking on the individual sponsor link…and they can give as much as they want.

We need SPONSORS… If you follow Capicu Poetry, you already know that we are known for quality cultural events with one of the most culturally diverse audiences in NYC… talk to us about how we can help you get the word out about your business. Email us at for more info or visit for details on sponsor packages.

We have a special community for those that want to help…

If you are interested in becoming one of our Pa'l Pueblo Elves and assist us in any way… please reach out to us at or join our special facebook group for volunteers at



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How I became Santa…