Published On: Wed, Feb 17th, 2010

She Loves Me…She Loves Me Not…She Loves Me…


I hope that each of you enjoyed some quality time with your significant other this Valentine's Day… I just wanted to say that I had the most amazing time with my better half.

As some of you may know, I recently attended one of Don Coqui's Media Cooking Parties to sample some of the new flavor Jimmy Rodriguez has brought to New Rochelle. That event was great and you can read more about it here…but it was what it was, a showcase event. 

I was anxious to experience Don Coqui so I incorporated a trip to New Rochelle into my V-Day plans with my beautiful wife "Reina". She obviously wanted to go because I am sure she was tired of hearing me rave…and she wanted to taste it for herself. (I can almost hear her thought…oh yeah…it is so great…then take me there).

IMG00050-20100214-2208  La pegue big time because we had a very romantic dinner (I had the plaintain crusted red snapper, she had the salmon with yuca mash). She was very impressed with everything and we had an incredible time.One of her gifts to me (besides her company…and making me look good) was a beautiful crossword puzzle that she created using memories of the last 12 years we have spent together….incredibly sweet and creative. So we spent a good amount of time waiting for me to complete the puzzle…and trust me I was under pressure. I am happy to say that I successfully finished the puzzle and I only needed three hints along the way.

After an evening exploring some other cultural places in NYC we decided to stop and experience dessert at a place called SPOT on St. Mark Place where we enjoyed an assortment of delicious desserts (including chocolate covered strawberries). If you are in the neighborhood, drop in and experience dessert from a place that does nothing else…and you will see what it adds to your special night on the town 😉

Thank you Jimmy (Don Coqui) and Ace (SPOT) for living up to the hype in your individual establishments and making our special night, a night to remember…I will tell everyone I know!

And to my Reina…Thank you for making my night…(and every night before it) special in a way that only someone that is truly in love can do…I love you "con todo lo que soy" and look forward to our next "date" ….

As I am,

George Torres

The Urban Jibaro

She Loves Me…She Loves Me Not…She Loves Me…