Published On: Thu, Dec 31st, 2015

Dancing Salsa: My New Social Workout

Happy New Year

Here is the twitter version: In 2016… I am partnering up with Latino owned Salsa Salsa Dance Studio in Brooklyn NY to promote health, wellness and culture thru the art of dancing Salsa. Will you join me?

Really, will you?

2015 was an incredibly transformative year for me in so many ways. I stepped things up a few notches by investing blood, sweat and tears into my “18 year old” start up. I moved my business to The Yard in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and shortly after moved walking distance from my office. My company has had incredible growth, I won the Latin Trends Magazine 2015 Blogger of the Year award, an honor I share with Jose Zabala [Zabala Al Dia] who took the honors in the Spanish category.

I also started taking acting lessons with my good friend Victor Cruz and landed a lead role in  a staged reading of Bad Uncle (by Rob Torres) at Repertorio Español and closed the year with a small role in a short directed by Elroy Martinez called The Dark Edge. I have a ways to go before I go all in, but I am enjoying the process of learning this new craft.

In short… 2015 was everything and nothing all at once as it also made room for some sad moments that could not wait for the new year to create new beginnings in every sense of the word. Still I remain grateful for all the lessons I am learning.

So 2016 is here… and I continue to live this life I have chosen full of adventure, travel and lots of work building my dream… I have to conscious about my health above all. Now I have lost some weight, I have started eating healthier but eating healthy is not enough. I did not get to the gym enough in 2015 to really be as healthy as I can be.

So I started looking at all my options (thats what you do before the new year). My friends have suggested everything from Zumba, Yoga to Beach Body workouts and everything in between. I know that none of these options are for me. Being the cultural explorer I am… I decided to revisit my personal dream of becoming a kick ass Salsa dancer.

I have wanted to do this since the early 90’s when I saw a woman I wanted to dance with every Thursday night at a club in NYC called Les Poulets. I took two lessons to get the basics down and after weeks of practicing and working on the nerve to ask this woman to dance. The night I mustered the bravery, I walked up to her but just before I made contact with her hand, this little Asian guy grabbed her hand, took her on the floor and made me dizzy to the music of Oscar D’Leon. This destroyed my confidence and since then I only dance Salsa with family members and stayed away from social dancing. I attempted to take classes in 2008 and had to stop because of health issues.

Today is a new day… as I unveil 2016 and I realized I am ready to rekindle the dream, I was introduced to the owners of Salsa Salsa by my good friend Lisa Velazquez, a Salsa Salsa student and member of the Brooklyn Touch Bachata Performance Team. I was impressed with the school, the vibe and the history behind the school… I was especially drawn to the business owners (Marcus & Jose) who are driven to keep culture in an area that has displaced many Latino owned business due to gentrification.

So a few days back… I announced that I would be starting classes at Salsa Salsa in Park Slope on January 8th. My goal is to add dance to my workout to not only impact my health but to open me up to meeting new people and finally stay connected to a cultural treasure that we as Boricuas hold near and dear.



Now… because this is part of #ProjectoHealth, my personal health initiative, I want to share it with YOU thru Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope (via Katch). I want you to see my transformation from every perspective… and live it with me. Our goal is to create a great conversation around health, wellness, culture and how it all comes together with the beat of a ‘clave’.

I want to thank Salsa Salsa for being open minded and allowing me to document and share my experience with my community… I think this is going to be a fun few months.

To follow along… follow me on all social channels “@UrbanJibaro” or Follow the #SalsaSalsaNYC hashtag and join the conversation. Here are my social links –>     

Salsa Salsa Dance Studio is conveniently located on 4th avenue near Brooklyn’s Atlantic Center. Just a few blocks from the Barclay’s Center, Fort Greene’s theater district, and Park Slope’s lively salsa social scene, Salsa Salsa Dance Studio is proud to belong to a vibrant and growing center of art and performance.

For more class schedules and pricing –> visit their website at

Buen Provecho… See You On The Dance Floor!

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Dancing Salsa: My New Social Workout