Published On: Sun, Nov 15th, 2009

Ruben Blades Returns To NYC For One Night Only!

Mi Gente…

You heard it here first!!!

One of my favorite singers of all time Ruben Blades is returning to Nueva York to headline in a show for the first time in 5 years. I do not know about you, but I know where I will be…(along with a few hundred of my closest friends)

Below is all the info you need to know for now…I will be following up with other details as this story develops. Spread the word to everyone you know…by using our share feature on the tool bar below,

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Rubenbladesflyerfront November 9th – Rubén Blades
will be performing with his band, Seis del Solar, at the United Palace
Theater, on Saturday, November 28th, as part of the tour that reunites
them and which commemorates the 25th Anniversary of “Buscando
America”. Show to start at 8:00PM.

This tour showcases Blades’
and Seis del Solar’s versatility as a group and their individual talent
as successful musicians. They’ve already performed sold out concerts
in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela, where they’ve amazed the
Latin American audience that anxiously awaited their return.

Blades and Seis del Solar ventured
into new musical concepts that led them to explore other sounds and
create outstanding arrangements that substituted typical wind sections
and latin percussion with synthesizers, drums and jazz elements. “Buscando
America”, is the fruit of this union, with classics such as “Decisiones”,
“Desapariciones” and "El Padre Antonio y Su Monaguillo Andrés".
It was selected by the prestigious “Time” magazine as one of the
best albums of the year. It was followed by their Grammy award winning
album “Escenas”, “Agua de Luna”, “Doble Filo”, “Nothing
but the Truth”, “Live!” y “Caminando”.

The show, which runs for over
two and a half hours, highlights Blades’ career, featuring over twenty
songs of his repertoire. Hits like “Plástico”, “Ligia Elena”,
“Decisiones”, “Buscando Guayaba” and “Pedro Navaja” are
sure to bring the audience to its feet and make them party all night
long. This tour marks this Panamanian icon’s return to the spotlight
[he had been working as Minister of Tourism in his native Panama].

The audience can expect to listen
to great music, characterized by lyrics with great literary quality
as well as political and social content. It’s salsa with a conscience,
done by the one and only, Ruben Blades, one of Latin America’s most
successful writers and composers. His creations with Seis del Solar
in the 80’s represent one of the most important periods of his musical
career, which soared reaching new heights. They opened new markets for
Latin music, which then got recognition worldwide.

This tour is a perfect example
that great talent doesn’t fade with time, on the contrary, it is like
a great wine that matures, just like this band. The experience that
they’ve all acquired over these last 25 years will be displayed on
stage, showcasing one of the most innovative bands that has ever existed
in salsa history.

New York is without a doubt a
special place for Blades and the band, since it’s the city where their
friendship and their musical relationship began. Playing in New York
is coming home for them, or as the song says, “Todos Vuelven”.

United Palace Theatre is located
at 4140 Broadway at 175th Street, NY, NY 10033. Tickets can
be purchased at the United Palace Box Office. For Box Office hours call,
212-568-0915 or visit to purchase tickets.

Ruben Blades Returns To NYC For One Night Only!