Published On: Tue, Jun 3rd, 2014

Ronaldo’s Cocina: Let’s become Latino Fit?!?!

IMG_3711Let’s become Latino Fit?!?!

Why do we constantly try to look like those people we see in the magazines, on TV, or even at your own gym. Are we setting ourselves up for failure?

To me it is “CRAZY” that we constantly set unrealistic goals. I have done it myself when I was younger. I would tell myself “I need to look like this person on the magazine, I need to be lean like that athlete, I need to be that.”

Why is this bad?

You lose focus of what your true goals are, why you are heading on this path to a better you, and most importantly why you want to get fit.

When we are younger, you do it for a girl or a guy that you want to impress and take out on a date. But as you get older, priorities change because your view of life changes. Becoming fit means you are healthier, your self-confidence goes up, and you live longer. The reasons are endless.

So how do we stay on track?

Set yourself up for success by setting up a meal plan (My Fitness Pal – great website to set this up), and writing everything you eat down (times, portions, and items consumed). These activities will keep you honest, and give you a training regiment. I personally workout 5 times a week but started with 3 workouts per week that lasted 1 hour each.

So let’s start making that fat cry people.

So mi gente workout for “YOURSELF”, be fit for you and for no one else, look at a picture of yourself and imagine how you want that end result to look like. Set monthly goals, running an extra mile each month, aiming to fit in those jeans and that goal of walking around in that 2 piece bikini or for the fellas with no shirt on.This will take time and a lot of dedication from you, so let’s be fit for “YOU”.

*The views expressed are my own through my life experiences.

Here is a great recipe from my youtube channel

Red Snapper Ceviche to get you started and as always… TOMA!!!

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Ronaldo’s Cocina: Let’s become Latino Fit?!?!