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Rhina Valentin “La Reina” Steps On Stage To Benefit 7th Annual Pa’l Pueblo

On behalf of  #TeamCapicu and Sofrito Media Group, I am extremely excited to announce that Rhina Valentin, known cariñosamente in our community as La Reina has decided to lend her talent to help us raise money to deliver Christmas smiles to over 500 kids in the Bushwick United Headstart.

I met Rhina when she was workshopping Latinas Don’t PMS show (hilarious show) alongside some other friends… and was immediately taken by her presence on stage. That show incidentally made it all the way to the World Famous Apollo Theatre.  Then back around 2004 / 2005, I saw Rhina again and was asked to open up a Mother’s Day performance of Barriolesque, when Papoleto was unable to make a scheduled performance. I performed True Boricua on the Nuyorican Poets Cafe for the first time. I say all this to say, I am a big fan of her work on and off stage and looking forward to featuring her work on the Capicu Stage.

I am sharing her bio and list of accomplishments below so that you can see the depth of Rhina’s roots in our community. She is an inspiration as she has created a culture of creativity and has always sought new ways to celebrate the accomplishments of other Latinos in her platform. I thank Rhina for generous contribution to our cause.

Tickets to Pa’l Pueblo 7th Annual Holiday Event  featuring Rhina Valentin and Lemon Andersen can be purchased at our Eventbrite Page


DSC_7604Valentin “La Reina” is a jane-of-all-trades in the arts and entertainment industry. Rhina has a commitment to the world, which is to create the door and space for people who think their Life is over. This to her means forgiving others, but most importantly, forgiving of oneself. Ms. Valentin, is a New York native, Mother and graduate of the William Esper Studio Conservatory.

As a multiple award winning comedic actress, Television personality, producer, MC, dancer, and writer, “La Reina” Rhina Valentin is truly one of the performing arts’ most versatile women.  She has been featured on HBO and in nationally syndicated commercials, written, choreographed and performed critically acclaimed pieces for dance, theater, and currently serves as the beauty, brains and the bronze behind her rapidly growing production company La Reina Del Barrio, Inc.

In 2013 Rhina was the first Official Madrina (Grand Marshal) for The Milagros Day Worldwide Walk.

Rhina has been recognized for her outstanding community service twice in 2012 by:

  • Comite Noviembre as “Lo Mejor De Nuestra Comunidad
  • VIP-The Violence Intervention Program, Inc with Activist Survivor Award

In 2011, the Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz, Jr. presented Rhina with a Certificate of Merit. Followed by 2 more recognitions Rhina “La Reina Del Barrio” Valentin was honored with a Proclamation from Senator Gustavo Rivera of the NY State Senate, 33rd District, for Outstanding Community Service not just in the Bronx but in the greater NYC area as well.  In addition, a Community Service Award by The City of New York Bronx Community Board #6.

Also in 2011 Rhina Valentin was officially crowned La Reina Del Barrio at a special Official Coronation by her peers.

Her works as an artist include:

Producer, Director, Performance Artist, Emcee, Comedic Actress, Dancer, Writer, and an Arts Educator

Rhina has been distinguished with:

  • 2009 Proclamation from the Mayor’s Office declaring “Death Of a Dream Day“ for the Off-Broadway production of “Death Of a Dream
  • 2007 BRIO Award recipient for Best Actress
  • 2006 UAI recipient in Performance Arts
  • 2005 Hola Award Recipient for Outstanding Female Performer in a Featured Role
  • 2000 Village Voice crowned her “DIVA
  • Siempre Newspaper proudly granted her the title “La Diva de El Barrio

Her most recognizable written works have been featured in:

  • 2012 Breaking Ground/Abriendo Caminos: Anthology of Puerto Rican Women Writers in New York 1980-2012
  • 2007 Latina Poets Festival at The Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre
  • 2006 Latinas Don’t PMS at The World Famous Apollo Theater

As an Actor Rhina is recognized for her role as:

  • 2013 “Close Your Eyes” Tribeca Film Festival and now going to Cannes Festival
  • 2012 Dona Sofrito on Cooking Channel’s “Culinary Adventures of Baron Ambrosia
  • 2011 “Miracle of Spanish Harlem
  • 2009 Co-Starred in Off-Broadway production of “Death Of a Dream
  • 2006 Reina in HBO’s “Betty La Flaca
  • Since 2006 to Present – Host of TV talk show “Open” Live every Friday on Bronxnet TV.

Rhina has produced and created:

  • 2001 Diva Attack!
  • 2002 Mirrors co-written with Sandra Rodriguez
  • 2003 Metrogroove presented by The Point in June 2004
  • 2004 OHMen which opened at The Baad! Ass Women Festival and later presented at Hostos Center for the Arts and Culture in 2005. A very successful, original piece by Rhina. Co-choreographed with Awilda Sterling-Duprey and accompanied by the celebrated Dominican/Haitian Band Palo Monte. This production was televised by award winning local cable show BronxLive in 2005
  • 2009 Off-Broadway production of “Death Of a Dream”

Her own written works have been presented in:

  • 2005 Latina’s Don’t PMS, which opened at Café Remy’s and presented in 2006 at The World Famous Apollo

Rhina dedicated much energy to the development of La Reina’s Barriolesque, which initially began as an open mic in 2004 at Carlito’s Café and materialized into a residency at the Nuyorican Poet’s Café with monthly performances every last Wednesday of the month, for an entire year. It was also presented at The Viva Bronx! Festival in 2005

She is also one of the founders, producer and director of:

  • The Nuyorican Universal Theatre Society (NUTS)
  • Our Times” in 2007 with a successful presentation at Hostos Repertory Theatre

Off-stage she’s been featured in:

  • Bally’s commercial airing internationally
  • 1-800-Flowers airing nationally

Her pride and joy was that of being a Theatre Arts Director/Producer/Instructor of 5th-8th graders at

CIS 166 for the Children’s Aid Society, from 2005-2009.


Tickets to Pa’l Pueblo 7th Annual Holiday Event  featuring

Rhina Valentin and Lemon Andersen can be purchased at our Eventbrite Page


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Rhina Valentin “La Reina” Steps On Stage To Benefit 7th Annual Pa’l Pueblo