Published On: Sun, Jul 28th, 2019

Resource: Connect With Puerto Rican Journalists On The Frontline.

Today I hope to share something that will hopefully make a difference.

Note: links provide context to various statements in this post.

For years, I have heard the elders in the Nuyorican community talk about the importance of educating our people about things that affect Puerto Ricans on the island. Issues like the colonial status of Puerto Rico, The Jones Act and the (lack of) a just recovery following Hurricanes Irma and Maria have been disastrous for the people of Puerto Rico dealing with a crippling debt crisis, a crumbling infrastructure, environmental violence and an oversight board appointed by a corrupt local and national government that appears to want Puerto Rico but not Puerto Ricans.

That said… as we just witnessed with the protests following the #RickyLeaks scandal in La Fortaleza and the resignation of Ricardo Rosselló, the people of Puerto Rico (both aqui y alla) have had it… and are starting to really stand up and have their voices heard. That dynamic is powerful and some of what we saw we have never seen… Boricuas (and allies) from all over the world standing up to “drain the swamp” in Puerto Rico, and although Ricky has resigned… it is not over.

There are still questionable people trying to position themselves to assume power in La Fortaleza.

So what I want to do today, is share a list of Puerto Rican journalists that you can follow on Twitter to learn more about what is happening, who is who and a detailed historical context of this Game of Thrones happening in our island.

I know when we say journalists, most Puerto Ricans will reference David Begnaud who has been consistent in reporting about #RickyRenuncia but critics have pointed out that some of his reporting is shallow and does not provide enough context for our people to get a full scope of what’s happening and what needs to be done.

For this reason, I took to Twitter to ask my friends who are the journalists and platforms native to Puerto Rico that we should be following to get a better understanding how we can support the island in their efforts.

I have 4 main news sources I have been following daily and those are Julio Varela, Sandra Lilley, Victoria Leandra and Jay Fonseca. Other people that have personally helped me understand different aspects of the movement include the late Richie Perez, Elizabeth Yeampierre, Denise Oliver, Harry Franqui, Sami Nemir, Melinda González and Louis Maldonado (NPRDP). My main guy on the ground on the island has been Tato Torres (TatoTours) who has been an amazing bridge builder in the efforts I am participating in regarding long term recovery.

On the platform side Latino Rebels, and CPIPR have been the most useful.

Honorable mention goes to Boriken Podcast that has been relentless in talking to people all over the diaspora and the island.

Today I have expanded my list to include suggestions made to me on Twitter and I am sharing that list with you. I will add these folks to my reading list so that I can continue to educate myself and become a better resource to both the diaspora and the island Boricuas.

Note: I am only adding journalists (maybe bloggers) that do an outstanding job in reporting and adding context when it comes to Puerto Rico and the current situations there.

My goal is that the diaspora really tune in and listen to what’s happening so that they can best support what the island’s residents choose as the best course of action in determining their future.

These suggestions are mostly from Twitter friends I trust.

Here is that (growing) list… on Twitter

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(I am pretty sure to be adding more names after publication)

Did I miss anyone? if so drop their links in the comment section.

And please share this list so that we can help others become familiar with the issues so that they too can join the process of making sure all voices are heard.

As I am,

George Torres

Your favorite Urban Jibaro…

Resource: Connect With Puerto Rican Journalists On The Frontline.