Published On: Wed, May 20th, 2015

Resident Artists take over Loisaida Center

Many of the elements produced at the Loisaida Center come to live during the Loisaida Festival. Loisaida, Inc.’s vision has much to do with the interaction of these two wings. Loisaida Center activities incubate the arts and crafts we see on 11350481_939563196100429_886377805929208265_nthe Sunday before Memorial Day. This year is no exception. Two Artists in Residence have been laboring arduously to create pieces that seamlessly capture what Loisaida–in all these sense of the word–is about.

Enter Artist-in-residence Edgardo Larregui who draws from island aesthetics of nature, family, food and drinks to create works of art that encompass the spirit of celebration and community closeness. Larregui has been taking over the Loisaida Center’s  “La Yarda” (“The Courtyard)” with a huge installation–Domingo Familiar–that includes pieces iconic to the Lower East Side’s Latino culture like dominoes (though his are made of chocolate) and colorful clothes lines, which will offer the viewer a glimpse into everyday life of people that is both surreal and familiar.

As part of the Loisaida Center’s Artistic Residencies, Larregui will engage the Lower East Side community during the 2015 Loisaida Festival in collaboration with NYC based Puerto Rican artist Hector Madera to highlight what it means to be out on a sunday afternoon.

Larregui is one of two of the Artists currently in residence for the Festival. The other, or rather the group of others, is Vueltaabajo, a transdisciplinary art collective committed to re-habilitating and activating spaces through site and object 3692044_1426218458.4112-1specific performances. At Loisaida, they will not only be participating at the Festival, on Friday May 22 and Saturday May 23, they will be hosting a theatre workshop for community members 16 years and older– Pa’ la calle!! Spaces are limited, so make sure to sign up for your favorite day.



Resident Artists take over Loisaida Center