Published On: Fri, Dec 26th, 2014

Teenagers: Recycle Your Christmas Cash [Smartphone Giveaway]

Yes… I am going to help you recycle your Christmas cash…

First things first –> Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but the opinions are mine… and the savings are real at Cricket Wireless

Make sure you read the whole post to find out how you can win a Nokia Lumia 635 4G LTE courtesy of Sofrito For Your Soul & Cricket Wireless

Before you read: If you are a teenager, this post is totally for you. If your some reason this is a parent… you can still read it and if you replace every instance of the word “parent” with “spouse” this can apply to you as well… you too can recycle your Christmas cash… #justsaying

Christmas has come and gone… and you did not get that one thing you really wanted “Santa” to bring you… a brand new Smartphone.

BUT unlike me… you behaved (or at least was good enough) to have gotten some cash from Abuela… and now you are ready to buy the smartphone that your parents thought was out of their reach. You need a ride to the closest mobile phone store but your parents are still not convinced that this is really a good idea.

They do not understand that your phone is the center of your social life, capturing all the fun moments of your life. It is also how you check in at home with your parents, video chat with your grandparents, organize yourself for school and your extracurricular activities. They think it is a good idea but for them it comes down to money. What if you can tell them that not only can they save money with an all you can eat data plan but you can recycle your christmas cash by getting a inexpensive (and in some cases FREE) smartphone after rebate and still not deal with contracts of any kind?

They believe that Smartphones are too expensive and that they would have to pay exorbitant data fees for you to get the most out of your device. Which is why they are still using flip phones… they have apparently not heard of Cricket Wireless.

Here is Cricket Wireless‘ latest offer to help you recycle your Christmas cash… (this is just one offer… for the full handset lineup and sales promos visit

Nokia Lumia 635

Nokia Lumia 635 4G LTE (Free after $75 mail-in rebate Holiday promotion to last Nov. 14, 2014-Jan. 8, 2015) provides the savvy teen/college student with:

  • High-quality rear camera with HD video recording with Nokia Lenses for taking selfies and capturing memories with friends and family.
  • Built-in Microsoft Office suite so that she can move seamlessly from her laptop to her phone to tackle homework.
  • HERE Drive turn-by-turn navigation for road trips with friends.
  • MixRadio for subscription-free, ad-free streaming music

FREE AFTER REBATE… WHO CAN ARGUE WITH THAT… THAT IS $75 dollars that can go to buying some cool accessories or even towards paying your wireless bill.

iFrogz POP Bluetooth speakerIf you are a real music lover… you will definitely want to check out Crickets large selection of accessories especially this portable speaker iFrogz POP Bluetooth Speaker ($29.99) that allows her to play her favorite music, whether she’s taking a break from a study session or just hanging out with friends.

Cricket Wireless has the latest assortment of mobile devices, with great promotions for the holidays that will make the perfect gift for and meet the needs of people from all walks of life – from the teen/college student to the working parent and grandparents.

By showing them this offer at Cricket Wireless, you may actually tempt them to save money on what they are currently paying and update those old flip phones for the whole family.

To celebrate the final days of this offer, we are giving away a Nokia Lumia 635 4G LTE right here on Sofrito For Your Soul website by entering our Raffle Copter widget below.

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Teenagers: Recycle Your Christmas Cash [Smartphone Giveaway]