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Reader Question: Why Did You Create Latino Community Info?

Mailvendmailbox11 I have some down time… so I have been going thru reader mail and Vanessa S. dropped us a note…and it reads;


I found your website about a year ago, I heart it sooo much, you seem so cool. I am writing because my brother in law recently found a job after being unemployed for over 4 months thanks to you.

I am just curious as to what made you create Latino Community Info?

Sigue hacia adelante, los buenos quedamos poco.

Vanessa S.

Waco Texas



First of all, thanks for your kind words. I am happy that your brother in-law was able to find a job thru Latino Community Info. I bought the domain name originally as an extension of work that my partner Juan “PaPo Swiggity” Santiago and I do in the NYC Arts Community. The plans were to have a posting board for NYC events… at the same time, members of the Sofrito and Capicu communities were hurting because of the economic downturn and we had been getting increased requests to tap our networks and circulate resumes.



Unfortunately, we could not accommodate everyone so I wanted to create a resource that would provide info about job opportunities that specifically called for bi-lingual (English / Spanish) and multicultural candidates. I reached out to some of the major job boards to see how we could make this happen and for some reason we were not able to make it happen. I then looked at one of my favorite websites Mashable and I noticed they had a tech job board powered by Simply Hired. I inquired with them and was able to start what we know today as

Since it’s inception in early 2010, we know about a little over 20 people directly connected to our blog, our radio show or our live show audience who have been able to find gainful employment using this resource. We are currently looking at how we can expand this resource to include more services and create networking opportunities for both employers and prospective employees.

It is important to note that employers can advertise on Latino Community Info for only $50 for 30 days and discount codes are available for multiple postings by calling us at 516-690-7397.

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Reader Question: Why Did You Create Latino Community Info?