Published On: Thu, Jan 29th, 2009

Random Acts of Culture: Latino’s on Facebook write a poem as a community…

Mi Gente…

In brainstorming new ideas to deliver Cultura to the masses…I came up with a crazy idea…I thought it would be very interesting to see what would happen if I reached out to my Facebook network of Latino movers and shakers and ask them collectively compose a poem about Latino pride in my status update.

Within minutes…people of all walks of life each composed a sentence (or more) to build the piece I am about to present.

This is the physical representation of "Sofrito", many ingredients with a lot of flavor…combined to make something good…even better.

I really like how this came all came together and would like to thank all the people that shared their words with each other to make this happen…you truly showed s sense of "comunidad" with this one.

Buen Provecho…

George Torres

The Urban Jibaro

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Mi Comunidad…Mi Orgullo…

Pa'lante…siempre pa'lante…I hear the elders calling
for a change in the way we raise our youth…
With every ebb and flow of the ocean they plead for us
to take a stand for peace and justice.
May we look into "el corazon de la cultura Latina"…
and listen to every beat say, "pa'lante, pa'lante sin cesar!"
Walking in faith to a future unknown…
Yo soy mi madre when I call my sons to stand tall,
I am mi padre when I feel injustice rise before me,
I am Boriqua when I sleep…
I dream of a future where our sons & daughter can always stand tall & proud
En la sangre lo llevo.. orgulloso por ser  "Latino"
En el futuro lo veo, la buen vida y el destino.
Llega el cambio que nos espera, mi hijo
En este mundo que vivemos, este mundo tan frio…
Española, Taina, Africana comiendo arroz con habichuelas,
pernil, chuleta, y un poco de mavi….
yo si tengo sabor de mi raza que nacio boriqueña!
My pride is generated from the spirits of my ancestors
and the will of the Orishas who guide me..
The Love for my people is like the earth hugging my soul
as the sun embraces my body with its warmth…
Latino is one of the richest ethnicities. Also one of the most complex.
As a teen, I practiced a lie, acting non-Latino, without hesitation,
but my roots were strong and made me come to my senses…
Destroy your television sets because Hollywood has a long history that forgets..
Let's reinvent ourselves, let that be the wealth of our community chest.
A legacy of achievement in bypassing social taboo
No matter what you look like my cousin looks like you.
Evolving with each heartbeat and refusing to blend in with the facet of ignorance
We rise above with substabce as one people together.
With corazon and sazon we wave our souls as one flag forever.
We are Latinos from Central America, Mexico, the Carribean and South America.
Let us excel & educate ourselves. We as Latinos will continue to grow.
y hasta el ultimo suspiro…
(yes…a la Piri)

This poem was written by a community of parents, teachers, students, artists, entreprenueurs, professionals, social workers, paramedics, recruiters, activists, curators, counselors and friends.
 Authors of Mi Comunidad…Mi Orgullo




Random Acts of Culture: Latino’s on Facebook write a poem as a community…