Published On: Sat, Aug 1st, 2009

Quisqueya La Bella…Part 1

Dominican-republic-nature I Love Puerto Rico…you all know this…but if I had to choose a second home in this world, it would probably be in the Dominican Republic. There is so much to love about the people, the culture…and the food. Tu sabes que I have never been known to turn down a plate of Mangu con salami y queso… (Shout out to my Frat brother Otto's Mom who makes the best Mangu in Washington Heights).

I have so been so fortunate to have many friends and extended family  teach me about this beautiful country and its heritage…I wanted to share this nice video called Quisqueya La Bella…that has some incredible imagery of this "tesoro del Caribe"

Big shout out to all my dominican people and especially mis hermanos de Phi Iota Alpha.

Buen Provecho…

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Quisqueya La Bella…Part 1