Published On: Fri, Jul 11th, 2008

Que que? Memin Pinguin gets deported because he is black?

Memin-pinguin Here is news story I found interesting. Memin Pinguin, the south of the border comic book character that started all that trouble when the Mexican goverment sanctioned a 5 stamp postage collection a few years back is at it again. It seems Memin has crossed the border and made it to the mainstream only to be snatched out of Wal-mart and thrust back into virtual obscurity.

Their justification…is that the comic book is racist, Mexicans say no way…

Is Wal-Mart over reacting?

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Originally posted at Dallas News

Mexican comic book ‘Memin Pinguin’ sold at Wal-Mart called racist

11:30 AM CDT on Tuesday, July 8, 2008

From KHOU staff reports

HOUSTON — Shawnedria McGinty was not sure what to think when she saw the comic book series Memin Pinguin on shelves at her local Wal-Mart. After flipping through the popular Mexican comic book, one word came to mind – racist. “OK, is it a monkey or a boy? … So, I opened the book up,” she said. “This is, you know, rude.”

Historically, Memin Pinguin has been hugely popular on newsstands in Mexico and Latin America and has sales in the millions. Originally published in the 1960s, it was recently re-issued and available in Wal-Marts north of the border.

“They are calling him names. They call him an animal in one section. His mom is spanking his butt and it looks like they are drowning him,” said McGinty, who went so far as to buy a Spanish dictionary to better understand the comic books.

She found one passage particularly offensive. In the frame, Memin Pinguin is being kicked by a light-skinned man and called “a black troublemaker.”

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Que que? Memin Pinguin gets deported because he is black?