Published On: Sun, Dec 21st, 2014

My First Cruise… 5 Things I Love About Quantum of the Seas

A few weeks ago, I was invited to preview what has been billed as the “First Smart Ship” of the sea. I accepted the invite, not knowing what to expect. Little did I know this experience would completely change my life. I think I have cruise fever and have committed to getting a new passport so that I can make this happen in 2015.

(disclaimer: I attended as media, all meals were provided , however all opinions are my own)


I invited my best friend Javier… to tag along for a two day preview of the Quantum of the Seas. We have both been working hard and have not had much time to hang out in the past few month so it was perfect. Now this being my first cruise, I was impressed by everything I saw… but I kind of saw the same look in the face of people that are avid cruisers.


Here are the top 5 things I love about Quantum of the Seas.

They have serious TECHNOLOGY on this ship

Vacation used to be about getting away, but in this social world we live in, we are compelled to share our experiences thru social storytelling (something I personally love to do). I love taking my readers / listeners on the journey with me… and I was so ready to do that having WI-FI everywhere on the ship instead of just designated areas like other ships. The ship is technologically advanced in many ways from using a SMART APP to book dinner reservations to a fantastic BIONIC BAR that mixes your drinks.

Adventure… They Have That Too

The whole trip was an adventure but I did love that the SEAPLEX was equipped with some really cool features that bring me back to a more careless time in my life. They had bumper cars (next to a hot dog stand just like the ones at Coney Island) and a full roller skating rink in a complex full of arcade games, x-box and even table hockey. For the adrenaline junkies… you can fly (Ripcord by iFly), you can surf (Flowrider) and you can climb (Rock Wall). I even went on the North Star which is sort of an observation deck that gives you a breathtaking view of the ship from 300 feet in the air.


Hungry? You Have Amazing Choices

Food Trucks, Johnny Rockets, Buffets, Cafes and an amazing selection of dynamic selections curated by world renown chefs like Jaime Oliver and Michael Swartz. Every culinary venue from the most casual to the extremely formal delivers a delectable experience you would be hard pressed to find all in one place. My favorites include Wonderland, American Icon Grill, Jaime’s Kitchen and the Windjammer Marketplace (when I was trying to eat healthy).



Nightlife Is Awesome Too…

Now I did not preview the ship with the family, so I did not get to see it from a “dad’s perspective” but from what I know there is plenty to do with the family from the DREAMWORKS EXPERIENCE, to the amazing pool and fitness center. What I gravitated to was the great selection of nightlife venues where you can have some great drinks and listen to the music you love (seriously… they had Rock, Techno and even had a great Latin night going on with a live band playing the best of Salsa, Merengue and Bachata. The crowned jewel is the beautiful Two70 entertainment complex.

My Accommodations…

Last but not least, I just liked my room. When the night comes to a halt (around 3am for me) it was great just sitting on the balcony of my stateroom and appreciating the vast silence and darkness of the open ocean in my thoughts. It was equally invigorating to wake up and see the sun kiss the ocean. I enjoyed a beautiful two day experience but what I loved most was being away from it all yet having some of the experiences I love mosts just steps away from my stateroom. Two days was simply just a tease… I cannot wait to do a full cruise.


Thank you Royal Carribean for allowing me the opportunity to experience Quantum of the Seas and ruining me for all other cruise ships… I have been told that this experience will be hard to beat on a different ship.

For more info and to book your cruise today… click here.

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My First Cruise… 5 Things I Love About Quantum of the Seas