Published On: Sun, Aug 11th, 2013

Prayers For Our Favorite Chica Judy Torres!


I was just browsing thru my Facebook timeline… searching for health resources to share this last week of our #PorTuFamilia campaign and I came across a touching video  from one of my favorite people I do not really know but would totally be friends with in real life, Judy Torres. The video is asking fans to pray as she has made a major decision in her life so that she can continue to bring us happiness as she has done for more years than I care to admit. She has decided to have weight loss surgery and she will be doing it tomorrow at 7:30am.

Funny enough, I had just asked her days ago to help lend her support to the cause by taking a picture with the #portufamilia hashtag knowing that she has such a faithful fan base.

My prayers are with our hermana Judy, who is a true warrior for the community she serves as she takes this huge step towards healthy living and hopefully inspires many of her fans to follow suit.

Judy if you ever read this…. know that we love you and support you siempre!

Here is here statement;

My entire life I’ve been overweight – and sometimes it bothers me. But I’ve always been proud to be “chunky but funky”. But now at 45 – the combination of age & obesity, it has caught up with me. Made decision to do gastric sleeve surgery. I’m doing this for my health – not to please anyone.

So I hope you’ll pray for me. Surgery tomorrow morning 7:30am. Love you all!


Here is her video… breaking the news and asking for your support.


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Prayers For Our Favorite Chica Judy Torres!