Published On: Mon, Feb 10th, 2014

The Poetry of Nicole Marrero: You & I

You & I

You will never go thru my experiences, nor feel the pain that I’ve endured
Likewise goes for you as well, your lessons learned still we’re scorned

A journey you and I, the whole world opened up their eyes
Every step on the rocks to remain silent and then cry

You see, the pain is there, but differently individually
Our minds and hearts, our body, we’re still battling

The hurt reminds us of where we once saw ourselves
Aches under our feet, you should be proud of yourself

Life is a dream that only you and I can see
Amongst the suffering you’re reminded, cause you breathe

This is just one part of life, then there’s Love, Sadness and Pride
A list with plenty of categories, a line drawn for you and I

So continue to live and don’t fault no one for your path, look to your left, now look to your right
Remember, the road not taken was not meant for you and I

We are each other’s teachers and students, who learn from one another
If one knew everything about life, there be nothing else to discover

The Poetry of Nicole Marrero: You & I