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The Poetry of Franchesca Guzman: Borinquen In Me

Mi Isla Bonita Collage copyArtwork by Franchesca Guzman © 2007

Borinquen in me
Franchesca Guzman

Dedicated to: Juan, Miguel, Milagros, Olga, y Manuel

Borinquen, a name soothing and comforting like a mothers touch to her ill child. A name that’s not just a name, but also a place in my soul where serenity and peace come together as one. Not a name and just a feeling, but a place…a place I call my own with the greatness and pride that exceed infinite feelings of joy one can feel only in their heart. Mi tierra Borincana, the land which named me a Boricua a word coming from the roots of my Indian Taino ancestors. La Isla del Encanto is the place in which give me security and fulfillment. Puerto Rico, a name given by my Spanish ancestors, was used to describe the beautiful water ports filled with layers of gold treasured by Indians for its beauty, loved by Spaniards for wealth, and hated by esclavos, who shackled, worked to retrieve its value from the depth of its waters. As these three cultures merged and fused together a new culture was born…my culture. It is what makes me today; it is my life, my family, my identity, and my freedom of spirit. No matter where I may be or may go, la Boricua is in me and shown outside of me never to be denied. Here, I can easily accept ones culture to diversify me, but I will always embrace the roots in which created me, raised me and made me strong. Many here do not understand, and few relate, but it is up to me to keep la Borinqueña that flows through mi sangre, which flows por mis venas y corre por mi cuerpo entero alive. Boricua yo soy and always will be.


franFranchesca Guzman is a freelance writer, children’s author, poet, mother, and wife. She is currently finishing her first novel and is based out of Dallas, Texas. Franchesca is proud of her Puerto Rican heritage. She loves to dance and is knowledgeable in a wide variety of genres that include Mambo, Salsa, Hip-Hop, Ballet and Modern/lyrical. Franchesca is fascinated by the study of group dynamics – her husband Agustin, a skilled group facilitator, has been her mentor and teacher in this field.

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The Poetry of Franchesca Guzman: Borinquen In Me