Published On: Sun, Aug 30th, 2009

Poetic Works… Introducing Underground Poets To Mainstream America

PW-logo_wht-bg Familia…

If you know me, you know I love spoken word. Although I have been real low profile as a performer these days you can see my passion through my work with my partner PaPo Swiggity and our Capicu Poetry movement. Today I want to introduce you to another movement that has been taking the web by storm…that movement is called Poetic Works.

Poetic Works has put together a very interesting community on the web for poets and lovers of spoken words that is hard to compare to anything else. Utilizing multimedia on their website they have created a common ground for poets to interact, socialize, share information with their fans.

I love this website and everything it stands for…check it out!!!!

Check them out today at

As I am,
George Torres
The Urban Jibaro

Here is some information from their website…

Mission Statement

To provide you with the highest quality in performing artists, places
and events anywhere! The artists, shows, and events that we promote are
hand picked by our staff and recommended by other members in order to
provide you with the best in Spoken Word, poetry, music and
entertainment. We take great pride in providing maximum exposure for
our members.

About Us

PoeticWorks was originally established in 2004. It was designed to
introduce underground poets to mainstream America. Over 400 poets were
apart of the community and with assistance from PoeticWorks Publishing
Company, 35 poets were published in 2 Anthologies between 2005 and

EMichele Paul, the founder of PoeticWorks, also hosted several shows in
and around San Diego, California and produced San Diego's first Battle
of the Poets in 2005. From that show, 2 of this country's finest Spoken
Word Artists were crowned "Top Notch Poet".

PoeticWorks is constantly finding ways to re-invent itself to give
poets the best outlet for their work. We are determined to provide a
quality site to match the work of the Artists that become apart of our

As we continue to grow our community we will also increase our vision so stick around and see what's in store for us all!

Poetic Works… Introducing Underground Poets To Mainstream America